💫⚜Single-Minded Focus ⚜️💫
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What’s the operating system you have running your Mind? 
Do you realize that your thoughts dictate what your experiences will be?
How running over the same old story in your Mind is just recreating those repeated experiences for you?
How does this shape what you see, experience, & draw to you?

For starters, whatever you look for you will find even if you don’t realize that’s where your focus actually is.

For example, have you tried to blame “Murphy’s Law” for why you “knew something would happen!?”

This is actually the biggest scapegoat out there because we are the ones who create the “something!”

Most of the time this is so habitual or unconscious for us we rarely connect the dots of where our single-minded focus really is at any given moment!

I know this from my own experience because I realized my tendency was to look for negative things to point out or pick at.  It took Mindfulness & a constant retraining of where I focused my attention but over time it demonstrated how when I looked for the positive, it far exceeded my previous experiences!

My life took on a completely different direction & synchronicity took over with what I desired versus what I feared!


It’s time for an upgrade! 

Change those thoughts that are creating your reality!

Remember this movie called The Neverending Story – where The Nothing was really a shift in focus!  It was a profound story where the reason the land was dying was because of the state of despair the child’s mind was fixed on. Very similarly, focusing on all of the hopeless events outside of ourselves is overshadowing all of the equally, if not more prevalent blessings & gifts available to us all!  Which do you choose to look for?

Any extreme attention to what you may consider an “injustice” really is one way to remove yourself from personal accountability for your own life & an exercise in denying your own unhealed life traumas & pains.

Whenever you try to fix the conditions around you you’re doing yourself an injustice because it’s the internal conditions that determine them & without working on yourself, you end up going without – in essence creating your own self-perpetuated continuous suffering

Nothing is harsher than giving your power away to circumstances completely outside of your immediate control.

Pointing them out the world’s problems doesn’t fix nor solve them but keeps you from being in your joy & evolving. A great lesson in how “Talk is cheap!
But ever so much more worthless if you’re not working toward a solution!”

If more of us were to work on being happy in our own lives instead of buying into the mass media influenced & thus, Self-induced suffering around the world, we’d see a significant shift in everything & everyone around us.

Looking for the argument will give you just that!  An Argument…
Looking to defend yourself, will give you an attack to which you’ll need to defend yourself!

I know because I used to look to defend myself from the stance of a victim mentality & I drew many an attack unto myself as a result.

I can see the lesson for me was to recognize how I was, & still am, personally responsible for the vibration, energy, mental state & awareness I bring forth in every moment of my life!

If I have an uncomfortable experience, I know I need to step back & see what it is telling me about myself – where I’m at in my single-minded focus & how I arrived there…

How can you apply single-minded focus in your own life?

June Jordan’s quote rings the truth that

“We are the ones we have been waiting for!”

Ghandi just reminds us to “Be the change you wish to see in the world!”

Because, ultimately, everything starts individual with ME & with YOU!
Nothing can be accomplished if we try to start outside…it all has to come from within, at the root, the source of All!


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~**~ My wish is for you all to find your Personal Joy through upgraded thoughts and, like the drop in the ocean your are, your essence ripples out to others feeling guided to live in their own Happiness! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~