Why I Meditate!


Why I Meditate!


Have you seen the movie “Up!?”

We’re not getting old, it’s not ADHD, or even memory loss but lack of attention to this Moment – it’s trying to do, do, do too much! 

Because I am “empowered” I can do it all seems to drive that old idea that I have to do it all!

It’s the idea that we have “something to prove” to ourselves &/or others…

That’s just the Mind & all it’s old Beliefs…!

Drop that!

Just like that…

♥ Let It All Go…Let Your Life Flow! ♥


If you need help, reach out to me. I may be able to help guide you.

~**~ The Mind should be your servant!  Cultivate Awareness of your Thoughts & how they have created your current reality; Observe your Mind & Train it to focus only on what you Desire.
Be Present in the Now! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~

How Do You Roll?



Checking in from the Pranique Yoga & Wellness Center.

How Do You Roll?

What’s Your Vibe ~ Who’s Your Tribe?

Take a moment and reflect on if you are feeling less than who you are?

Often we find safety and security in the company we keep.  Rarely do we recognize and take a moment to step back and reflect upon if the company we keep is making us feel safe & secure in who we are.

Look back over your life.  Do you notice how much you have changed over the years?  Can you see how you are no longer the person you were as a child going to school, or even a year, or so, ago? 

See, we are constantly changing, growing, and evolving even if we don’t actually see it.

Is there a difference in the people you associate with now from the people you associated with when you were younger?  Look at how you’ve grown and evolved from experiences in you life.   Appreciate the wisdom and awareness of what milestones or challenges you have overcome.

Even now, do the people you hang with truly reflect the person you are now?  Or, are you simply in a routine of doing what you’ve always known because it’s comfortable?


It is saying you are the sum of the 5 people you hang out with the most. Those people will either uplift you or bring you down ~ only you know what you need! 

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
~ Jim Rohn

Sometimes we unconsciously allow the people we associate with to influence and alter our own self-image, worth, and feelings about our own lives.

Because we are social creatures, we tend to adopt the characteristics of those groups we associate with and feel we belong to; we identify with and adopt the behavior that goes along with being a part of that group. 


Can you reflect upon your closest friends and see if you’ve adapted to them to feel inclusive, accepted, and connected to them or if they are your tribe feeding your soul, supporting your growth, and nurturing your BEing?

The truth is WE ALL want to feel Love and connect with people who make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside! ☺IMG_5646

Maybe you already have an amazing tribe!  Remember to Celebrate them!

Maybe you need to seek a more uplifting community of friends.  Try to socialize with people who enliven you and bring you joy; who make you feel good about yourself even after you walk away from them.

Maybe you need to change up your routine, go to places that you’ve always wanted to visit but still haven’t, go to a library, take up a hobby you’ve always wanted to try… Either way, Change it up!


If you need help, reach out to me.  I may be able to help guide you.

~**~ Step into your Personal Power & Let your Vibe be felt!  Radiate your true Essence of Self & draw in those who Celebrate You!  Be You! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~

Sunshine Makes Me Happy!




What brings you Joy?

What makes you feel Safe & Secure in your life?

As you go through your day, stop to reflect upon the Moment with all your Senses attuned.  Feel through & recognize where joy comes through for you.

In every encounter & experience, ask yourself: 

Is this bringing me Joy?  Am I in the “Here In The Now…?”
To what past experience am I comparing This Moment to?
What experiences do I want to have? 

Take slow deep breath with keen awareness of each & every moment…Let every Experience Enliven all of your Senses!

Get out into Nature & draw that Solar energy into yourself!  Let it invigorate you & bring you back to that place that feeds your Soul!

~**~ May Your Soul return You to Joy, Peace, & Happiness!  BeHold your Heart with Love, in Love, as Love! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~


Live From the Dali ~ How You doin’?



Checking in from the Salvador Dali Museum.

How you doin’ today!?

Why not let your inner child come out to play!

‪~ Cartoon by Buddha Doodles


~**~ May You be Blessed with new & exciting insights into what makes your Heart sing & your Soul soar! Be Crazy, Be Wild ~ Let that Inner Child Come out To Play & Let it get messy, too!  You, too, may find your inner spark reignited while you inspire others with your courage to Be You! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~


A little Stache on Stache Play!

What If…? ~ What For!?


💗What If…? ~ What For!?💗


Are you stuck in the past or caught up in the future?
It’s all in your mind which makes it a complete intangible illusion.
So, how’s that serving you?
What it is most definitely doing is taking you out of this Present Moment & removing you from Appreciating how far you’ve come & all the blessings & lessons along the way!

“Every opportunity is a gift of the Moment ~ this is why we need to see the Present!!!”

~**~ Can you see the rich Blessings in your life through your previous experiences?  Bask in the brilliance & wisdom of all you have gleaned over the years & Simply BE today, in this Moment! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~

Love Yourself Where You’re At!


💗Love Yourself Where You’re At!💗


~**~ Take the time to Nourish the Skin You’re In!  Get out of the mindset where you have to fulfill a commitment when your body tells you to take a break.  It can wait until you’re fully recharged & full-filled!  Blessings come from those who can demonstrate self-care & self-love first!  The more we do for ourselves, the more we are able to do for others! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~

Trust Your Intuition ~ Into It I See!


💗Trust Your Intuition ~ Into It I See!💗


Lunar = Moon = Dark = Emotions = Inward/Inner Reflection or Contraction = Feminine = Self Care & Nurturing

Solar = Sun = Light = Action = Exertion = External/Creating your world or Expansion = Masculine = Creating/Conquering Fears & putting visions into reality

The Moon (Emotions) pulls on us from the inside while the Sun (Mind) fuels/fires us from the outside…so, we have this push-pull going on.

Intuition is your clear guidance & inner compass!  Full Moon Release… Capricorn = Focused Action or Vision…Full steam ahead! ♥

Whatever is going on around you symbolizes what is actually going on within you.  Where your attention goes is what’s being brought to surface for you to heal – old pains & their charges/triggers.

~**Use this Full Moon in Capricorn to release all that old baggage of beliefs & behaviors that no longer serve you & keep you from growing & evolving! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~

Live From the Dali ~ Family Matters!


Live from the Dali 💗 Family Matters!


Whether you agree, disagree, or you agree to disagree, family matters most!

Love everybody where they’re at even if you don’t agree with it. Wouldn’t you want somebody to love you no matter what & not hold the “where” against you!?

All you do by holding onto resentment, grudge, or animosity is build down a weak immune system & a declined quality of life!  Those same “triggers” are simply reawakened in every experience you continue to have because you have not yet released them.

Learn to see the blessings everyone brings to your life – there is no such thing as good or bad – it just is what it is!  It’s all part of this life.  Without the good you cannot have the bad, & vice-versa. 

Without “colorful” contrasts (experiences) in your life, your life becomes lackluster & you no longer grow or evolve.  Who wants a predictable life anyway!?

Can you find 1 thing about each person that makes you smile with gratitude?  Who knows, if you find one, you may find more…

~**~  Today, bless everyone in your life & take a moment to see how they’ve blessed you in yours! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~

Transcend the Story!


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A Stream of Consciousness:

Call back all that you ever felt was “lost” of You & allow YourSelf to be Whole & Healed!
Feel your Vibration ~ Essence of Joy

I had begun to reflect upon how many of us have lived our lives habitually without question – day in, day out a routine that feels comfortable.  Only later, feeling a deep loss within, a yearning for something more; yet, indescribable, unfamiliar, and unknown.  What has been missing?  Why do I feel incomplete!? 

For me, I know I had many wakeup calls along my path. 


Why wasn’t I married?  Because I hadn’t found the right person for me but moreso, I didn’t feel like the right person!  There certainly couldn’t be anyone who could complete me if I wasn’t sure of who I was.  I had to come to a serious breaking point and it was when I started to see significant patterns I was reliving from stories I had been passed down through generations – stories that certainly were not my own!  I witnessed how a relationship I had been in became a drama scene from my parents when I was younger and it wasn’t until I returned home in 2008 I was able to connect the dots.  I can attest it was the most profound, in my face, epiphany and all I needed to decide to make a major change in my life!  It was then I decided to start working on ME!

I wanted to change!  I had been living the mantras of my parents and it was all creating disharmony within me.  It didn’t matter how successful I had become because everything crashed in the end…I had to

be brought down to the breaking point for me to get the call to go within!


Going within takes a lot of courage and for me, has taken over 8 years, to arrive at a peaceful place with who I am NOW!

I had to confront what I’ve done in my life and the motivation behind it.  What drove me to certain behaviors, beliefs, thought patterns, and reactions to certain triggers.  What were the roots of these?  What created triggers for me?  Who was I really?  

Ultimately, it’s been the patience, compassion, & awareness of watching how my mind operates.  In my case, I tend to overthink, over-analyze, over criticize myself and the choices I make or have made.  I’ve compared myself with others without recognizing my own strengths & uniqueness in an attempt to identify who I was ~ comparing if I were in the right place of my own life.  I found this was not living in my Truth!

We can talk about all the things which BEing in our Truth can be described by, like living with Integrity, Consistency, Demonstration of Character, Honesty, Love, Devotion, etc…but only YOU know if you are living from within your Truth!

I wrote about Truth here:  Sat Nam ~ Truth Is My Identity!

It turns out, we all have a Story we tell ourselves and may even continue to tell over and over to people we encounter in our lives.  But the questions we rarely ask ourselves is, “Is this really my story?  Is this the story I want people to know about me?  What is this story really saying about me?  What is the Truth for Me?  Am I living this story or seeking to write a better one?”

See, a story actually dictates your life and you get to choose how it unfolds.  The real question you want to ask is “How is this story serving me?”

If you find it’s creating repeated patterns where you are at a loss for life & joy, it’s time to really go within.  If you sound like a victim, why not rewrite the story to be the victor of it!?  You can do this!  You can transcend the past and create a much happier path ahead!


I grew up with a rather intense mother.  I am grateful for her intensity because it did teach me a lot in communicating clearly; though, it did cause me anxiety over the years as she was so easily triggered by certain words.  It got to a point I was unsure what to say but even what I did say were things I normally wouldn’t speak would come out of my mouth to create an altercation with her ~ like she had such a strong aversion she actually manifested me to say them.  My father on the other hand, being very non-confrontational, would be the first to say something to provoke you and then the one to tell you he didn’t want to hear or talk about it and insultingly dismiss your need to address when he upset you.  You can only imagine our household of fighting – we had the button pusher & boiling pot ready to explode!

But here’s the thing I learned over all these years, they, too had adopted stories that were not their own.  I have more compassion now than I ever have after having gone through the waves of emotions.  I had to really get mad at the both of them for their behaviors before I could recognize they were doing the best they could.  They were just as broken, or at a loss for themSelves, as I was.  They were just unable to see it because they were still living those stories.

My Mom though has been trying to find Truth in her way. 

So, today I received a text message from my Mom.

“I Believed a Lie…               The first one…Was     I was not Important, of value-“

I responded with:

“Yes, & when we believe a lie, we live a lie! If we don’t believe we are important, how do we treat ourselves!? Then, we wonder why anyone else treat us so poorly!
I’ve been working on my self worth for years!
It is not selfish to take care of yourself first! It is the most important one you can take care of (your body is a temple & you are made in the Image of God!)!!!
We only have control over OUR own thoughts, beliefs, words, & actions!”

When we believe a lie, we live a lie because it becomes our truth but in essence we are only betraying ourSelf – ultimately, our heart knows the truth!

Why did we give so much power to something that was not our truth?

Why did we betray our own heart – our intuition!?

We place value on others because we want to connect & be loved! 

We want to belong or fear rejection from them!  

This is where we loose our own self-worth & how we fail to listen to our Heart (in-tuit ~ Spirit)!

So often people want to trust another but the truth is they don’t trust themselves first!  You have to develop a strong relationship with yourSelf before you can discern truth elsewhere.  If you haven’t cultivated this most sacred relationship within, you will find you will deceive yourSelf more often by going without.

Your Truth can only be found within You! 

It’s all a coming back to Self! Self-Awareness, Self-Love, Self-Care, Self-Respect, Self-worth, etc…

How you allow the external world to affect you will all be reflected in how strong a bond you have with yourSelf! 💗

Later Mom responded to me with:

“Hence, Response/Respons-ability”

Unsure if it was appropriate, I posited:

“First to yourSelf, of course! 🙏🏻”

See, I’ve learned I cannot fix anyone else.  It is not my place nor my desire any longer. 

The subtlest form of control is thinking you know better for another person!

I can only control my thoughts, actions, and words.  As long as I listen within, have loving intentions, and come from my heart, I have done the best I can.  That’s all any of us can do.  My story has just begun to unfold and every day I learn what brings my Heart more joy.

Focus on the story you want to live and transcend all that you may have endured in your past.  If anything, use it as your motivation to start anew ~ You wield the power to create whatever life you wish!


So, why not make your story a personal Love Story!?  Find that deep connection within & learn who you are, how your mind operates, the things that bring you joy, and regain your trust with yourSelf!

Return to the root of the root of your own self.”
~ Rumi

~**~   May You be Blessed with new & exciting insights into YOU & Your Truth! BeHold your Heart with Love, in Love, as Love!  ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~


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