🔥 It’s About Time 🔥


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🔥 It’s About Time 🔥

Time is of the Essence!

You’re just in Time!

That is: Life on Time-Constraint = Stress & Dis-Ease

It may even be worse than “Your Brain on Drugs” because it is a drug in how we are all addicted to this idea our lives are governed by it from everything to our lifestyles to life stages to what we do in a day or over the course of our life… and this is so deeply in ingrained in our conscious, subconscious, & unconscious mind!

Time is what really imposes the most mental stress upon us daily as we rely upon it & let everything we do revolve around its constraints. People echo mantras of not having enough time when they’re simply trying to do too much & pack in so many things at once coupled with the added pressure that they must do it or they will be a failure.

This is a self-inflicted pressure leading to a life of continuous pain & suffering which, will never change unless one learns to lighten up & release the need to “fulfill so many mentally imposed obligations.”

Time is man-made & we’ve been led to believe we must do more to achieve more & be successful.


What we really need to do is prioritize better & create our own healthy boundaries around what is truly important to us!

The example we’ve seen in society suggests forcing is necessary when that’s exactly why people are dissatisfied in their lives, what they’ve accomplished, & what they already have.

Do things smarter not harder & allow life to unfold versus trying to force it!

David R. Hawkins, in his book Power vs. Force, points out how,

“Patience starts with Self!”

Meaning that if we don’t truly have it within us for ourselves, we most likely cannot and will not extend it out to others without sacrifice on some mental level!

In fact, everything originates within us!

So, Ask yourself “Do I listen with the intention to hear or do I listen with the urgency to respond?”

People don’t necessarily appreciate what they have as much as what they’ve “worked hard for.”

This requires reprogramming ourselves to appreciate & be grateful for all we have no matter how it came to us!


Time can make or break relationships!

If you say you care for someone but don’t “show up & make time” for them, they may eventually disappear out of your life or the relationship may even blow up out of resentment & neglect.

It dictates how we relate to ourselves & others; if we make time for Happy Hour or go to Yoga or for a run or take time to travel somewhere we’ve always wanted to visit. We don’t value our time as much when we feel obligated. It also relates to our sense of Self-Worth in how we offer our time & receive the time of others. Do you value yourself?


It really goes back to the Mind & all its preconceived notions, beliefs, stories, & witnessed experiences that it assumes what will happen if….

We have this “Fear Of Missing Out” aka FOMO driving us to do many of the things we think we want or need to do. Fear that people won’t like us if we don’t accept certain invites or if we don’t do what they do.

Where do your priorities lie?

With fitting in or enjoying a full satisfying life?

Do you ever wonder why your life is so chaotic & uncomfortable?

Are you always trying to play “catch-up” on tasks you have in the back of your mind or on lists?

But then, you say you don’t have enough time & your completely drained & exhausted, instead you plunk yourself down in the coach to veg out in front of the TV only to be “fed more external pressure” whether it be the news, advertising about body image or lifestyle, pain medication suggesting you may have some disease… Hmm, how’s that serving you?

We choose our vices & sometimes we get so caught up in routine we forget to stop & re-evaluate what we’ve been doing.

One of the things that Time draws out of us is our impatience! We don’t have time to wait…we want it now!

We don’t have time to do XYZ because we don’t slow down to check in with where we’re at & evaluate how, or if, what we’re doing is even serving us or simply wasting the precious time we claim that could be otherwise used more efficiently elsewhere.


So what are your non-negotiables?

What must you do or have in your life that nobody can talk you out of nor disrupt you?

What’s your personal self-serving MUST-have or -do?

We need to recognize when something is serving to support us or causing us more stress & needs to be released! Interesting?

SO, the question is “Can you be Timeless?”😉


~*♥*~ So, if you enjoyed this video, share the Love!  You are Priceless & You deserve a Full Life Now in the Present!  Be Timeless to be Ageless!
Love & Light Blessings! ~*♥*~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~

⚜️Mindful Breathing ⚜️

I Do Not Judge People By Quote Dodinsky

⚜️Mindful Breathing ⚜️

Watch the Full Video here:

How Mindful Breathing Shifts Your Vibe!

Do you know how to breathe properly?

The way to find out how much Prana (aka Life Force) you have within you is easy to find out – how long you are able to hold your breath will tell you this!

Your Depth of Breath = Energy Available = Vitality (Life Force)

Our breath is quite fascinating when you consider that with each inhale you are inhaling a small part of the Universe around you & with every exhale you are contributing a piece of yourself to this vast Universe!

“In order to completely exhale there must be trust; trust that the Universe will accept this offering & Trust that the Universe will continue to give you the next inhale!” ~ Normal Lumpkin & Japa Kaur Khalsa, Enlightened Bodies

The beauty of life is that we are always expanding or contracting at all times. This is proven simply in observing your breath, the quality of it, & ease or difficulty of it!

Full belly breathing is also rare in many people because of the constant fight or flight our nervous system is engaged in. This is the most important form of breathing we need to cultivate today in order to build our immune systems & be neutral in situations where we need to take a moment to reflect upon versus reacting at.

Shallow breathing is actually an unconscious attempt to feel you have control or unique separateness from everything around you. It’s in the surrender to more deeply breathing & trusting in the Universe our lives become more alive without the need to control it.


We can simply flow with it!

This Prana is what drives our lives & the more we are mindful of it consciously building it, the more we feel more alive, live more fully, & reverse our aging!

Mouth breathing is actually not as gentle upon the lungs or the psyche as Nose breathing is actually preferred.

The Left Lung houses our grief & most people have shallow breathing in a form of protecting themselves from confronting this aspect within themselves. When shallow breathers start to deepen their breath, it can bring emotions so close to the surface that tears will erupt in what seems like out of nowhere when it’s so cleansing. It’s a a true Gift to embrace! It’s so Beautiful to “cleanse” that “surface” within yourself!

♥ Tears are the best affirmation we can give ourselves when we “touch” upon what we’ve been out of touch with within! ♥

“When you inhale, you are taking the strength of God. When you exhale, it represents the service you are giving to the world.” B.K.S. Iyengar, Light On Yoga

♥ SASSY VIBES is all about Upping Your Vibe & Getting Your Sassy On! ♥

We all want Good Vibes but it doesn’t mean it needs to be all serious…Let out your Sassy Side!

~*♥*~ So, if you enjoyed this video, share the Love!  This was simply an introduction to what you will experience every day on a Retreat with me! I look forward to one day connecting with you!  ~*♥*~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~


💗 The Alchemy of Self~Love 💗


💫⚜ 💗 The Alchemy of Self~Love 💗⚜️💫

Watch the Full Video here:

How often do you get lost in someone else only to lose sight of yourself?

This only leads to anger, depression, frustration, dissatisfaction, loneliness, & animosity toward the other[s] when truly, we did it to ourselves because we abandoned ourselves through the choices we made in putting someone else before ourselves!

Nobody does anything to us that we don’t allow them to do!  We give them that power when we feel unworthy.


Everything is a choice & when you’re ready to put yourself first, I am here to assist & support you in “Self~Love to a Golden Life!”

When we feel emotional contrasts in life it’s pointing to where we are resisting the Soul’s feeling/belief about the situation. 
 So, the emotional roller coaster is a form of a Resistance & this 
Resistance tells you that you’re out of alignment with what Soul wants & knows…


Anger is simply your resistance to loving a person or situation just as it/they are…this discomfort stems from wanting the external conditions to satisfy your expectations of how you want things to be rather than accepting them as they are. 

Expectations are simply an attachment to how you want or believe things should be. 
You can free yourself from this self-created suffering by changing how you look at every situation or encounter!

Having things the way you want them creates complacency, laziness, & then obstacles to self-growth & empowerment because it also makes your love conditional & codependent!”


We simply need to be Present in the Now & Grateful for all we have!  It’s too easy to allow the external stuff to drag us down when it’s not what dictates our happiness ~ that’s the inside work.  With age comes Wisdom & that wisdom becomes Ease & Grace when we Embrace our own Self~Love & Worth!

How we treat & speak to ourselves sets the stage for all that comes to us in our experiences.


Join me in Italy 🇮🇹 this summer for An Ecstatic Awakening Under The Tuscan Sun!”     🌻                 


~**~ 💗💗💗 The Alchemy of Self~Love is simply to watch how Loving thyself creates a Golden life of Miracles & amazing blessings all around!  When you Love yourself, others are naturally drawn to you ~ Inspiration ~ Spirit pours forth from you & uplifts all those around!  Connect to that inner well~spring of Source & watch your life unfold!  Be Kind & Loving to YOU!
Sending you my Love!

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~

💫 The Beginning of My Water Fast 💫


💫⚜ The Beginning of My Water Fast ⚜️💫

Watch the Full Video here:

Sharing why I decided to do a fast.

Why did I have such a strong withdrawal on my first day of water fasting?

And why I decided to simply add Coconut Water to my water!

You have to trust your body & know what’s right for you.


I highly suggest contacting & following Andrea Leigh Cox & her Andrea Cox – The Healthy Haven pages! She’s very well versed on cleansing, detoxing, fasting, Vegan transitioning & Living!

She not only has a wealth of information but also an amazing line of health supplements & products she has created from her heart that I’ve personally used & simply love!  Go to her website to see what she offers & subscribe to her newsletter for her insightful tips!

Regarding the Hair Shaman, Karen Croney, Go to: http://www.hairintelligence.info & send her a message with Lanalove to receive 10% off 🎉🌸🦋


~**~ Trust & Honor your Body as it is Sacred & hosts your Soul!  Tap into what it is always telling you through your feelings, emotions, body sensations, & any diseases it displays.  This is the key to true healing ~ Mind, Body, & Soul! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~

💫Who Holds Power?💫


💫⚜ Who Holds Power? ⚜️💫

Watch the Full Video here:

Who holds the key 🔑 to your Happiness?

Do you know where your power lies?

Do you give away your Power cowering in fear of what you perceive to be more powerful than you?

Power is innate & a part of our natural state!  Nobody can take that away from you without your permission!

Force is the speeding up & the appearance of having Power & will inevitably fail because it is unnatural & out of sync with Source.

Read “Power vs. Force” by David R. Hawkins

~**~ Life is a miracle & only you create your life.  Tap into your Personal Power & watch EmPowerment inspire those around you via your momentum! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~

💫⚜️Single-Minded Focus ⚜️💫


💫⚜Single-Minded Focus ⚜️💫
Watch the Full Video here:


What’s the operating system you have running your Mind? 
Do you realize that your thoughts dictate what your experiences will be?
How running over the same old story in your Mind is just recreating those repeated experiences for you?
How does this shape what you see, experience, & draw to you?

For starters, whatever you look for you will find even if you don’t realize that’s where your focus actually is.

For example, have you tried to blame “Murphy’s Law” for why you “knew something would happen!?”

This is actually the biggest scapegoat out there because we are the ones who create the “something!”

Most of the time this is so habitual or unconscious for us we rarely connect the dots of where our single-minded focus really is at any given moment!

I know this from my own experience because I realized my tendency was to look for negative things to point out or pick at.  It took Mindfulness & a constant retraining of where I focused my attention but over time it demonstrated how when I looked for the positive, it far exceeded my previous experiences!

My life took on a completely different direction & synchronicity took over with what I desired versus what I feared!


It’s time for an upgrade! 

Change those thoughts that are creating your reality!

Remember this movie called The Neverending Story – where The Nothing was really a shift in focus!  It was a profound story where the reason the land was dying was because of the state of despair the child’s mind was fixed on. Very similarly, focusing on all of the hopeless events outside of ourselves is overshadowing all of the equally, if not more prevalent blessings & gifts available to us all!  Which do you choose to look for?

Any extreme attention to what you may consider an “injustice” really is one way to remove yourself from personal accountability for your own life & an exercise in denying your own unhealed life traumas & pains.

Whenever you try to fix the conditions around you you’re doing yourself an injustice because it’s the internal conditions that determine them & without working on yourself, you end up going without – in essence creating your own self-perpetuated continuous suffering

Nothing is harsher than giving your power away to circumstances completely outside of your immediate control.

Pointing them out the world’s problems doesn’t fix nor solve them but keeps you from being in your joy & evolving. A great lesson in how “Talk is cheap!
But ever so much more worthless if you’re not working toward a solution!”

If more of us were to work on being happy in our own lives instead of buying into the mass media influenced & thus, Self-induced suffering around the world, we’d see a significant shift in everything & everyone around us.

Looking for the argument will give you just that!  An Argument…
Looking to defend yourself, will give you an attack to which you’ll need to defend yourself!

I know because I used to look to defend myself from the stance of a victim mentality & I drew many an attack unto myself as a result.

I can see the lesson for me was to recognize how I was, & still am, personally responsible for the vibration, energy, mental state & awareness I bring forth in every moment of my life!

If I have an uncomfortable experience, I know I need to step back & see what it is telling me about myself – where I’m at in my single-minded focus & how I arrived there…

How can you apply single-minded focus in your own life?

June Jordan’s quote rings the truth that

“We are the ones we have been waiting for!”

Ghandi just reminds us to “Be the change you wish to see in the world!”

Because, ultimately, everything starts individual with ME & with YOU!
Nothing can be accomplished if we try to start outside…it all has to come from within, at the root, the source of All!


Watch the Full Video here:


~**~ My wish is for you all to find your Personal Joy through upgraded thoughts and, like the drop in the ocean your are, your essence ripples out to others feeling guided to live in their own Happiness! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~

💫⚜️Ergo the Ego! ⚜️💫


💫⚜️Ergo the Ego! ⚜️💫
Watch the full video here:


🕰 Ego is Time ~ Time is Ego! 🕰
Confines, Restrictions, Control

The Ego likes to have everything defined because that’s its subtle way of feeling “in control!”

It’s not about the quality or the deep indescribable connection! Because the key is in the Indescribable ~ that which cannot be confined!


We’re all Perfect where we’re at! We evolve through life & when something triggers us it’s because of an attachment to a belief or unhealed experience… judgement is simply us comparing ourselves; deciding what resonates & what doesn’t while projecting it upon others or situations!  This projection is the root of all of our Stress in this life!

When we’re feeling the need to judge it’s simply a reflection of an insecure Ego Mind!  Your Ego wants to feel safe & secure so it seeks to be right in order to accomplish this.  It looks outside to elevate itself so that it can hide this insecurity in secret ~ to mask it.


Haven’t you felt exhausted from being around certain people!?  Well, that’s exactly what’s draining you ~ the constant energy you expend comparing & contrasting your filtered experiences to those around you!  It’s when you’re expending this energy judging & projecting that the Ego is seeking its security!

“Let that shit go homie!” 😉

Only the Ego wants to be Right!  The Heart wants to be Happy!


“My secret to happiness, I don’t MIND what happens.”
– Jiddu Krishnamurti

To be free of your stress is to put that Ego Mind in check…let it serve you & recognize where the green pastures are in your own life!  Too many of us are looking outside of ourselves for happiness or to see what someone else has when we have everything we need within us.

Expel the stress by feeling gratitude for your own life & all you have here & now!

AAA ~ Allowance Acceptance Appreciation
💗 These are the open steps to true Life Recovery! 💗


“I don’t need to correct or corral people in the direction I feel is best for them but to simply Be Me in setting an example of Self-Awareness, Self-Love, Self-Compassion, & Self-Acceptance!”

~ Lana A. LaBonte


~**~ May you find Awareness so you are able to Accept where you are & Allow your life to flow with full Appreciation from your Heart & Soul! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~

💫The Golden Rule of Love, Compassion, & Self care 💫


💫The Golden Rule of Love, Compassion, & Self care 💫

Watch the full video here:  https://youtu.be/6T5mpu6KGdQ

“How you do anything is how you do everything!” ~ T Harv Eker

When we recognize this for ourselves this naturally radiates out & extends out to all those around us!

My personal confession…
I haven’t always been as compassionate for others as I claimed to be.

Heck, I wasn’t always that kind to myself so how could I know how to express it!?

At the same time, you could see my desperate for acceptance, connection/love, recognition, & validation from others through my actions.

I mean, I had always been a meat eater while claiming to eat animals.

It took me some serious searching within to recognize my own hypocrisy.

This was exceptionally humbling because I see how we have to walk this life in Conscious Awareness in all that we do, think, & believe.


What is it that motivates us?

Why is it so difficult for us to accept that what we all truly want is to connect & feel loved in this life?

Why do we allow external sources to influence what we all innately know in our hearts to be true?

Right now our stuff is really in our faces!  Whether people want to admit it, or not, we all have our inner demons we wish we didn’t have to be confront with.  The key is to accept them, confront them, & work on healing them.

If we claim to want to be accepted for who we are, why not see that that’s simply what we all are?

How compassionate are we really if we can’t even step up & accept ourselves!?

That’s really where it all begins ~ with Self!


“If you cannot see God in All, you cannot see God at all!” 

~ Yogi Bhajan

Watch the full video here:  https://youtu.be/6T5mpu6KGdQ

~**~ May you see your own Godliness reflected back in all you see with Love, Compassion, & the tenderness of Self~Care through Awareness! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~


💫The Wisdom of the Mind💫


💫The Wisdom of the Mind💫
Watch More here:  https://youtu.be/nhxkToR-p7Y

One of the biggest lessons I received in 2016 was how I was able to recognize through self-inquiry & reflection on my Mind; the old thought patterns & beliefs were confronting me but this year I tuned into them & witnessed them for what they were telling me about myself!

I had to see that when my Mind went into so much of a tailspin, it really simply was my Ego. My Ego could turn my feelings about how someone treated me or failed to show up for me the way I wanted them to by making it all about me when it never had anything to do with me at all!


Thinking, continuous thinking caused fears & illusions to pop up that were unfounded & wasted precious time & energy!

It was what caused my suffering & depression taking me out of my Personal Power!

My Ego simply wanted to be acknowledged because that is how it perceives Love to be – through a certain ideal experience; my Ego Mind wanted to receive Love! The truth is that it doesn’t know what Love looks like or truly feels like because it has kept a distant view… taking in only what has been around me or seen in movies, books, sensationalized…

The Ego doesn’t really experience anything but instead acts as a watch-guard. It sees everything through the filters of your experiences & watches as you react or respond to them as they come waiting for that moment it has to launch forward in your defense because its purest of intentions is to protect you from harm ~ physical & emotional!

Love is all around but looking for or expecting it to be a certain way was getting in the way.

My Ego just needed & needs to be embraced more & allowed to see Love in All! ❤️

“Honoring & Meeting Yourself/Others where you’re/they’re at!”


What is Judgment?
Simply defined, “it’s when you come to a conclusion or have an opinion…evaluation of evidence to make a decision.”

We are all judging based on our own life experiences ~ this is not the truth we all know but our individual truth!  When someone tells you their experience, it doesn’t make it fact of all who were involved because we all can have been involved but never ever have the same exact experience as anyone else!  It’s just that our Ego looks to relate & connect with others through experiences.


“Sometimes my inner child really just wants to be heard while my inner wise woman recognizes this & holds the space allowing her to vent because ultimately She knows what is needed to heal & how honoring that gives way to release! My inner wise woman is able to witness knowingly & allow my inner child the space to BE with what she feels….because my inner wise woman is Aware & knows it is all perfect as she accepts herself at all stages throughout her life!”

I truly witnessed myself wanting & needing to be heard at different stages throughout the year & this was humbling as I was also able to recognize it in others as a result.  In fact, it made it even more profound when I was able to hold space to connect & truly listen to others who also needed it!

“It’s through the Awareness & Acceptance of All of You that the healing begins!”


~**~ May you find Clarity, Peace, & Abundance from that place deep within your Heart & Soul!  May you become fully Aware of & Accepting of You! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~

💫 An Honest Share 💫


💫 An Honest Share 💫
Watch More here: https://youtu.be/OXRSyysUdlk

As much as people want to think that I am the spiritual strong arm & nothing bothers me, I’m still human & sometimes my feelings get hurt!

I have my strengths & weaknesses just like everyone else!

I am extremely hard on myself ~ even more so when others point out or remind me of my shortcomings!

Over these years I’ve spent my time working on Me & my deep traumas/pains, patterns, & behaviors. It certainly hasn’t been the easiest ride. It has definitely been insightful, rewarding, frustrating, & vulnerable but I also see the beauty in how those around me have benefited & grown on their own through my changes…

It’s brought me closer to family because I see patterns I inherited/learned causing me to be humble & have compassion for this awareness.

To see what others are unable to see because they’re not yet ready to see but with hope that when their time comes, they will – in their own time & not what I would “want or expect” them to!  We didn’t figure it out overnight ourselves so we need to honor each person where they’re at now.

Truly, life may not be the easiest but it certainly doesn’t need to be as difficult as we make it.

We just need to be patient, kind, & loving towards ourselves, as well as, others!

“Let your Breath dictate the Breadth of your Life! The more conscious, deeper & fuller your breath, the more fulfilling your life! Let your breath expand within & your life …”

Its in the experience you’ll find your freedom from suffering!

“Return to the root of the root of your own self.”
~ Rumi

Watch More here: https://youtu.be/OXRSyysUdlk

~**~ May You be Blessed with new & exciting insights into YOU & Your Truth! BeHold your Heart with Love, in Love, as Love! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~