Teetering on the border of Spiritual Bliss, I find myself on a path of Purpose; one where I feel Blessed to BE!  I am Grateful for this and all I shall encounter along the way.


I open myself to receiving this amazing gift of Love & Light.  Let it illuminate the way as I am Divinely guided along, flowing in harmony with all that is meant to serve me and all I am meant to serve.  Everything has a Purpose for BEing even if we cannot find reason.
It’s when we try to rationalize and find logic outside of ourselves
we loose the true sight of our existence.
When you let go to let BE, you will find everything happens as it is meant to.


The more you resist, you will find it continues to persist!  If only once you just go with the flow, you may be delighted in the senses that are awakened within you.  Don’t get caught up in your old patterns and behaviors.  Venture outside of all that you know to embrace and discover the world currently unknown to you.  Discovery is a major part of our Personal and Spiritual Growth!

I’ve created this Blog to provide “Enlightened Inspiration” ~ the question is how it may Inspire you!  Will it be Enlightened Inspiration for you or will you be Enlightened by Inspiration?  I like to use words that create thought, inspire one to look inside of themSelf, and reflect on how that makes one feel.  We’re all here on this Earth with a Purpose.  Sometimes we’re looking to be Enlightened to what that is ~ even if we find just a spark igniting the fire within, it may set us on our Path!


However I may be able to Inspire you, I wish you Radiant Love and Light Blessings in your daily life.

May we Journey together spreading Peace, Love, and Light!


~*~ ~*~ Lana ~*~ ~*~

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