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🔥 It’s About Time 🔥

Time is of the Essence!

You’re just in Time!

That is: Life on Time-Constraint = Stress & Dis-Ease

It may even be worse than “Your Brain on Drugs” because it is a drug in how we are all addicted to this idea our lives are governed by it from everything to our lifestyles to life stages to what we do in a day or over the course of our life… and this is so deeply in ingrained in our conscious, subconscious, & unconscious mind!

Time is what really imposes the most mental stress upon us daily as we rely upon it & let everything we do revolve around its constraints. People echo mantras of not having enough time when they’re simply trying to do too much & pack in so many things at once coupled with the added pressure that they must do it or they will be a failure.

This is a self-inflicted pressure leading to a life of continuous pain & suffering which, will never change unless one learns to lighten up & release the need to “fulfill so many mentally imposed obligations.”

Time is man-made & we’ve been led to believe we must do more to achieve more & be successful.


What we really need to do is prioritize better & create our own healthy boundaries around what is truly important to us!

The example we’ve seen in society suggests forcing is necessary when that’s exactly why people are dissatisfied in their lives, what they’ve accomplished, & what they already have.

Do things smarter not harder & allow life to unfold versus trying to force it!

David R. Hawkins, in his book Power vs. Force, points out how,

“Patience starts with Self!”

Meaning that if we don’t truly have it within us for ourselves, we most likely cannot and will not extend it out to others without sacrifice on some mental level!

In fact, everything originates within us!

So, Ask yourself “Do I listen with the intention to hear or do I listen with the urgency to respond?”

People don’t necessarily appreciate what they have as much as what they’ve “worked hard for.”

This requires reprogramming ourselves to appreciate & be grateful for all we have no matter how it came to us!


Time can make or break relationships!

If you say you care for someone but don’t “show up & make time” for them, they may eventually disappear out of your life or the relationship may even blow up out of resentment & neglect.

It dictates how we relate to ourselves & others; if we make time for Happy Hour or go to Yoga or for a run or take time to travel somewhere we’ve always wanted to visit. We don’t value our time as much when we feel obligated. It also relates to our sense of Self-Worth in how we offer our time & receive the time of others. Do you value yourself?


It really goes back to the Mind & all its preconceived notions, beliefs, stories, & witnessed experiences that it assumes what will happen if….

We have this “Fear Of Missing Out” aka FOMO driving us to do many of the things we think we want or need to do. Fear that people won’t like us if we don’t accept certain invites or if we don’t do what they do.

Where do your priorities lie?

With fitting in or enjoying a full satisfying life?

Do you ever wonder why your life is so chaotic & uncomfortable?

Are you always trying to play “catch-up” on tasks you have in the back of your mind or on lists?

But then, you say you don’t have enough time & your completely drained & exhausted, instead you plunk yourself down in the coach to veg out in front of the TV only to be “fed more external pressure” whether it be the news, advertising about body image or lifestyle, pain medication suggesting you may have some disease… Hmm, how’s that serving you?

We choose our vices & sometimes we get so caught up in routine we forget to stop & re-evaluate what we’ve been doing.

One of the things that Time draws out of us is our impatience! We don’t have time to wait…we want it now!

We don’t have time to do XYZ because we don’t slow down to check in with where we’re at & evaluate how, or if, what we’re doing is even serving us or simply wasting the precious time we claim that could be otherwise used more efficiently elsewhere.


So what are your non-negotiables?

What must you do or have in your life that nobody can talk you out of nor disrupt you?

What’s your personal self-serving MUST-have or -do?

We need to recognize when something is serving to support us or causing us more stress & needs to be released! Interesting?

SO, the question is “Can you be Timeless?”😉


~*♥*~ So, if you enjoyed this video, share the Love!  You are Priceless & You deserve a Full Life Now in the Present!  Be Timeless to be Ageless!
Love & Light Blessings! ~*♥*~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~