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⚜️Mindful Breathing ⚜️

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How Mindful Breathing Shifts Your Vibe!

Do you know how to breathe properly?

The way to find out how much Prana (aka Life Force) you have within you is easy to find out – how long you are able to hold your breath will tell you this!

Your Depth of Breath = Energy Available = Vitality (Life Force)

Our breath is quite fascinating when you consider that with each inhale you are inhaling a small part of the Universe around you & with every exhale you are contributing a piece of yourself to this vast Universe!

“In order to completely exhale there must be trust; trust that the Universe will accept this offering & Trust that the Universe will continue to give you the next inhale!” ~ Normal Lumpkin & Japa Kaur Khalsa, Enlightened Bodies

The beauty of life is that we are always expanding or contracting at all times. This is proven simply in observing your breath, the quality of it, & ease or difficulty of it!

Full belly breathing is also rare in many people because of the constant fight or flight our nervous system is engaged in. This is the most important form of breathing we need to cultivate today in order to build our immune systems & be neutral in situations where we need to take a moment to reflect upon versus reacting at.

Shallow breathing is actually an unconscious attempt to feel you have control or unique separateness from everything around you. It’s in the surrender to more deeply breathing & trusting in the Universe our lives become more alive without the need to control it.


We can simply flow with it!

This Prana is what drives our lives & the more we are mindful of it consciously building it, the more we feel more alive, live more fully, & reverse our aging!

Mouth breathing is actually not as gentle upon the lungs or the psyche as Nose breathing is actually preferred.

The Left Lung houses our grief & most people have shallow breathing in a form of protecting themselves from confronting this aspect within themselves. When shallow breathers start to deepen their breath, it can bring emotions so close to the surface that tears will erupt in what seems like out of nowhere when it’s so cleansing. It’s a a true Gift to embrace! It’s so Beautiful to “cleanse” that “surface” within yourself!

♥ Tears are the best affirmation we can give ourselves when we “touch” upon what we’ve been out of touch with within! ♥

“When you inhale, you are taking the strength of God. When you exhale, it represents the service you are giving to the world.” B.K.S. Iyengar, Light On Yoga

♥ SASSY VIBES is all about Upping Your Vibe & Getting Your Sassy On! ♥

We all want Good Vibes but it doesn’t mean it needs to be all serious…Let out your Sassy Side!

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