💫⚜ 💗 The Alchemy of Self~Love 💗⚜️💫

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How often do you get lost in someone else only to lose sight of yourself?

This only leads to anger, depression, frustration, dissatisfaction, loneliness, & animosity toward the other[s] when truly, we did it to ourselves because we abandoned ourselves through the choices we made in putting someone else before ourselves!

Nobody does anything to us that we don’t allow them to do!  We give them that power when we feel unworthy.


Everything is a choice & when you’re ready to put yourself first, I am here to assist & support you in “Self~Love to a Golden Life!”

When we feel emotional contrasts in life it’s pointing to where we are resisting the Soul’s feeling/belief about the situation. 
 So, the emotional roller coaster is a form of a Resistance & this 
Resistance tells you that you’re out of alignment with what Soul wants & knows…


Anger is simply your resistance to loving a person or situation just as it/they are…this discomfort stems from wanting the external conditions to satisfy your expectations of how you want things to be rather than accepting them as they are. 

Expectations are simply an attachment to how you want or believe things should be. 
You can free yourself from this self-created suffering by changing how you look at every situation or encounter!

Having things the way you want them creates complacency, laziness, & then obstacles to self-growth & empowerment because it also makes your love conditional & codependent!”


We simply need to be Present in the Now & Grateful for all we have!  It’s too easy to allow the external stuff to drag us down when it’s not what dictates our happiness ~ that’s the inside work.  With age comes Wisdom & that wisdom becomes Ease & Grace when we Embrace our own Self~Love & Worth!

How we treat & speak to ourselves sets the stage for all that comes to us in our experiences.


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~**~ 💗💗💗 The Alchemy of Self~Love is simply to watch how Loving thyself creates a Golden life of Miracles & amazing blessings all around!  When you Love yourself, others are naturally drawn to you ~ Inspiration ~ Spirit pours forth from you & uplifts all those around!  Connect to that inner well~spring of Source & watch your life unfold!  Be Kind & Loving to YOU!
Sending you my Love!

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~