💫The Golden Rule of Love, Compassion, & Self care 💫

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“How you do anything is how you do everything!” ~ T Harv Eker

When we recognize this for ourselves this naturally radiates out & extends out to all those around us!

My personal confession…
I haven’t always been as compassionate for others as I claimed to be.

Heck, I wasn’t always that kind to myself so how could I know how to express it!?

At the same time, you could see my desperate for acceptance, connection/love, recognition, & validation from others through my actions.

I mean, I had always been a meat eater while claiming to eat animals.

It took me some serious searching within to recognize my own hypocrisy.

This was exceptionally humbling because I see how we have to walk this life in Conscious Awareness in all that we do, think, & believe.


What is it that motivates us?

Why is it so difficult for us to accept that what we all truly want is to connect & feel loved in this life?

Why do we allow external sources to influence what we all innately know in our hearts to be true?

Right now our stuff is really in our faces!  Whether people want to admit it, or not, we all have our inner demons we wish we didn’t have to be confront with.  The key is to accept them, confront them, & work on healing them.

If we claim to want to be accepted for who we are, why not see that that’s simply what we all are?

How compassionate are we really if we can’t even step up & accept ourselves!?

That’s really where it all begins ~ with Self!


“If you cannot see God in All, you cannot see God at all!” 

~ Yogi Bhajan

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~**~ May you see your own Godliness reflected back in all you see with Love, Compassion, & the tenderness of Self~Care through Awareness! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~