💫The Wisdom of the Mind💫
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One of the biggest lessons I received in 2016 was how I was able to recognize through self-inquiry & reflection on my Mind; the old thought patterns & beliefs were confronting me but this year I tuned into them & witnessed them for what they were telling me about myself!

I had to see that when my Mind went into so much of a tailspin, it really simply was my Ego. My Ego could turn my feelings about how someone treated me or failed to show up for me the way I wanted them to by making it all about me when it never had anything to do with me at all!


Thinking, continuous thinking caused fears & illusions to pop up that were unfounded & wasted precious time & energy!

It was what caused my suffering & depression taking me out of my Personal Power!

My Ego simply wanted to be acknowledged because that is how it perceives Love to be – through a certain ideal experience; my Ego Mind wanted to receive Love! The truth is that it doesn’t know what Love looks like or truly feels like because it has kept a distant view… taking in only what has been around me or seen in movies, books, sensationalized…

The Ego doesn’t really experience anything but instead acts as a watch-guard. It sees everything through the filters of your experiences & watches as you react or respond to them as they come waiting for that moment it has to launch forward in your defense because its purest of intentions is to protect you from harm ~ physical & emotional!

Love is all around but looking for or expecting it to be a certain way was getting in the way.

My Ego just needed & needs to be embraced more & allowed to see Love in All! ❤️

“Honoring & Meeting Yourself/Others where you’re/they’re at!”


What is Judgment?
Simply defined, “it’s when you come to a conclusion or have an opinion…evaluation of evidence to make a decision.”

We are all judging based on our own life experiences ~ this is not the truth we all know but our individual truth!  When someone tells you their experience, it doesn’t make it fact of all who were involved because we all can have been involved but never ever have the same exact experience as anyone else!  It’s just that our Ego looks to relate & connect with others through experiences.


“Sometimes my inner child really just wants to be heard while my inner wise woman recognizes this & holds the space allowing her to vent because ultimately She knows what is needed to heal & how honoring that gives way to release! My inner wise woman is able to witness knowingly & allow my inner child the space to BE with what she feels….because my inner wise woman is Aware & knows it is all perfect as she accepts herself at all stages throughout her life!”

I truly witnessed myself wanting & needing to be heard at different stages throughout the year & this was humbling as I was also able to recognize it in others as a result.  In fact, it made it even more profound when I was able to hold space to connect & truly listen to others who also needed it!

“It’s through the Awareness & Acceptance of All of You that the healing begins!”


~**~ May you find Clarity, Peace, & Abundance from that place deep within your Heart & Soul!  May you become fully Aware of & Accepting of You! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~