💫“See the Pattern” ~ Recognize Your Patterns 💫

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We are Creatures of Habit because it’s comfortable to stay in the known even if it’s uncomfortable!

This is how change starts! The only way change can occur is for you to initially recognize in yourself what it is that holds you back from change.

So, first you must be aware of a particular pattern that keeps you stuck in the same routine, habits, mundane, familiar…

Then, just observe how it comes up in your life…Repeatedly!

Is it a reaction to an emotion?
Is the pattern simply a routine that is not yielding you joy in your life?
Is it an addictive pattern?

Now once you have identified the pattern, simply witness it without judging it & ask yourself:
“When did this begin? From what point did this pattern originate in my life?”

Sit with it, keep asking yourself questions to challenge why it exists…
Journal what comes up as a cathartic healing & release of old wounds! 

You’ll build even more awareness as things you might have forgotten also begin to surface for you!

Ask yourself “how is this serving me?”

How can I release this pattern for something more fulfilling?


You have to recognize that every pattern/habit/routine serves us in our life but it’s important to see when it’s past it’s “expiration date & efficacy” in your life!

“See the Pattern?”

One of the main things that people get upset at is they assume others should just know their boundaries/limitations. When in fact, they don’t even know for themselves.

So when a person feels like someone is taking advantage of them, it’s mostly because they’re expecting the other person to recognize when enough is enough [for them]…or when they should stop imposing. That idea that people should just “know”…doesn’t serve anyone because it’s uncommunicated!

The reality is the individual just keeps on giving without recognizing for themselves when enough is enough! 

What is the underlying drive that causes them to keep on giving?

Simple – they want to be liked & accepted!

Those that claim they do it from their heart but still get upset, have an expectation of something in return… So, it is not as genuine as they claim.

True genuine giving has no strings attached!

We all want to connect with, feel loved & appreciated by others!

The pattern to recognize & ask yourself is whether or not you are compromising your self in order to feel validated, liked, or accepted by others.

Do you give without expectation or do you do it for something in return?

Don’t let the mind trick you into thinking you do  if you’re still getting upset by the giving!

Expectations are our own self-created saboteurs causing us stress, pain & suffering!

Here’s the deal:
We all have those friends we claim let us down. But just like the saying goes the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over & over again still expecting different results…

It’s the same in the way we think! If we continue to have the same thought patterns, we will continue to experience the same unwanted repeated experiences…

Example of this is:  You have that friend who you claim lets you down but you still hope for them to prove you wrong while also still holding onto the reminder of their past behaviors – this is creating a conflict in you & since you’ve been let down in the past by them, you actually are looking for them to do it again – this is where the Ego Mind also feels superior when they do & points out, “See, I was right!  I told you they keep doing…”

See the pattern for what it is telling you!

It’s not the person doing this to you because they’re just being who they are (Integrity & Character) & making it clear what their patterns are.

The bigger thing is for you to recognize your own patterns of thought & how you respond to them!

Then, for you to change how you respond to what you recognize as a pattern in another & accept these people where they are without holding those expectations which continue to let you down against them or yourself!

Watch Brain Waves & Brain Coupling ~ Jason Silva

What I gleaned in the short 3 minute video on Brain Coupling was simply how it has been scientifically proven to show that the brains of 2 people who connect deeply with one another will actually synchronize to one another. There is no coincidence in this but to see science proving how we’re all connected brings us closer to accepting our influences through the energy sent out via thoughts.

So, if you respond differently to another person, you also are sending out a new brainwave to disrupt the repeated thought patterns shared & also giving a glimmer of something new that sets the domino in motion! 

What do you think?


Pay attention & recognize your patterns!
What are your motivations behind what you do?
Tap into what drives you ~ let yourself be elevated & inspired…

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~