“Let Go & Relax!  Go with the flow of your Soul!”

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We aren’t here to live this life in the seriousness of constant struggle, pain & suffering.  We’re here to live a life of joy, fun, laughter, & love!

So what is it that has made it so darned complicated?

Since when did the choice to be right overtake the choice to be happy or to love one another versus competing & putting them down?

The US was founded upon the Freedom to choose – in all aspects of life!  Albeit, there are many historical events we will never know & some brought to our attention were not what we’d been originally told only to learn history is altered to protect people’s interests. 

Why all the lies, the deceit, & distrust?

Who can we trust?  
Why do we resist what we know in the deepest parts of our beings?

Let’s not regret our choices by placing the focus on what we think we should do or have been conditioned to believe is the right way/path to follow!

“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” 
~ Winston Churchill


We want to Free our Ancestors from their mistakes – they were unable to change their choices & provided plenty of examples of regret & remorse for them… Let’s not finish this life with regret for what we wished we had done & just do it!

Don’t you want to make them proud by making a better life for yourself as they would want for you!?  
To build a the life that they had actually hoped for themselves but lost sight of by being caught in the trap of old paradigms & ways of thinking!?

Wind it down – the Mind! Pay it no mind… Unravel & Unwind the Mind!

If you’re meant to be somewhere, do or have something, you’ll arrive to it in perfect time!

Return to who you are & Remember what it feels like to be in Joy! 💞
May you wash away lifetimes of legacy for generations to come…

Free Yourself to be You & Free us all to Be United as One!
Love & Light Blessings!

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~

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