💫🌟🌼 The Commitment to Change 🌻🌟💫

Change takes Commitment ~ Dedication & Devotion to Self

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In any situation where you desire to have a certain experience, you also need to commit to it no matter how subtle it is.

We commit to our daily routines & habits unconsciously so in order to make changes that stick we need to consciously commit to & be dedicated to working toward them!

Want something?

How badly?

You have to want it enough to go through a complete metamorphosis where you challenge your own beliefs about what you feel is attainable & what you deserve (often we subconsciously or unconsciously don’t feel we deserve the one thing we want or desire). This often keeps us stuck in self-doubt & fear of even trying.


“In order to succeed, your desire for success needs to be greater than your fear of failure.”

Meaning your Desires must far outweigh what you perceive & fear to loose!

We have all “surprised” ourselves with attaining, what we once believed, was unattainable at some point in our lives…


Don’t give up before the miracle because if you’re working toward something that has taken a lot of time & has emotionally drained you, it typically comes to a head just before it comes to fruition…

Your own physical body can get antsy as does the mind as you want things immediately in your own time…

Have Patience
It’s natural to feel like you’re “loosing it” as you near attaining your desires…

I’ve felt antsy prior to something I’ve been also been extremely excited about ~ what was excitement turns into anxiety & questioning myself.  But ultimately, that’s the inner fear of the unknown, of what it all will bring, sensing the unknown change on the horizon ….how things will unfold!

In the end, you have to commit to yourself… be willing to let go of your attachment to the idea of how you expect & want things to be or look like but to hold a vision with flexibility of how it will unfold!

Words require conscious action & not to be thrown around in a laissez fair manner … Remember they carry energy & if you aren’t intentional with your words, it’s likely you will fail to follow through with action.

Choose your words carefully & be consciously aware of your thoughts because this is when Integrity & Character come into question.

It’s how much a person can be Respected for their Word! Trust!
Can you be trusted?
If you don’t own your stuff, how do you expect to treat you?
Better yet, do you trust yourself?


Nobody wants to be called a liar but that’s essentially what happens when our words & actions aren’t aligned!

Clear Communication eliminates the resentment & assumptions that come up…  It takes nothing to say you are unable to fulfill your promise… it’s tougher to avoid the confrontation of not fulfilling that promise later when you avoid it all together.

Again, your Desires must be greater than your perception of what you might fear to loose!

Maybe you don’t know what you want but you need to own it, search within for it, & when you do know, make it a priority!


Remember Change is Constant & you have the opportunity to choose for yourself what changes occur in your life or put it up to chance waiting around to see what changes are forced upon you in the end!  I can only say from personal experience, the changes I have had to make were always easier than the ones I was forced to make.

Confront the situation before it confronts you!

💞 Become Devoted to You! 💞
Love & Light Blessings!

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~

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