💫🌟 Life is Too Short ~ Be Vulnerably Authentic 🌟💫

Life is too short to sit back & wait for it to happen for you!

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At some point you need to take action & you need to communicate… You need to engage & interact with life!  You need to communicate your needs, wants, wishes, & desires, otherwise you suffer.

Release the fear of rejection & acceptance!

Release the need to be liked for being someone you’re not or the way they want you to be!

You need to express/communicate yourself or your mind will continue to haunt you.


At least when you communicate with someone what it is you desire with or from them, you become aware of where you stand with them.

It can be a surprise that takes you off guard in a beautiful way or it can be a painful transition where you need to take a different course in your life.  But why stick something out only to hide away from what it is that makes your heart sing?

This is where people become bitter & resentful because they don’t know how to communicate what they feel they need.  They’re fearful of being rejected so they reject what it is they need in exchange for what they feel is acceptance…

It’s a lack in self-esteem & having healthy boundaries that keeps many in a pattern of painful life experiences. The only pain we are ever feeling is the delusions of the mind created through illusionary scenarios it has concocted based on the fear of repeating past experiences that were painful for us.


The more we speak up & communicate with those around us, the more powerful we feel in our Self!

You don’t know unless you ask… What you don’t know can elevate you & the more you ask for what you need, the more self confidence you will build where fear becomes less of an influence & a driving force in your life!

It’s when we embrace our authentic Self in all that we are, express it, & let it be seen ~ the more we are truly Living!!!
~ Lana A. LaBonte

To be Authentic you must also be Vulnerable!

Being Vulnerable to feeling the ecstasy of joy as well as pain, experiencing life in all forms fearlessly because we have to be vulnerable to overcome our fears!


Be willing to go outside of your comfort zone & allow whatever may happen without some idea of what it may or should look & feel like.


Yes! Life is definitely too short to be wasted on the illusions of the mind & worries…  Focus only on what you can do.

Focus on your Soul’s Growth in Love & Compassion!
You will expand out from there uplifting all those around you!

Life is too Short to be caught up in what others expect of you or want from you! Don’t let your mind get you off track & into illusions that don’t matter. It will suck the life out of you literally!   And This is what exhausts us physically & emotionally!!!

Focus on your Soul’s Growth in Love & Compassion!
You will expand out Uplifting those around you through
Your Inspired Living!
Love & Light Blessings!

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~