πŸ’«βšœ Impatience vs. Patience βšœπŸ’«

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Faith ~ Trust ~ Believe

Pour Love into everything you do! The things you do leave impressions long after you leave… So, make your Presence be well known in the Spirit of Love!

Let others be Inspired by your Essence!

“People may not remember what you said or did but they will remember how you made them feel!”


Patience is being content in the Moment with what you already have!

Impatience is the disdain & negation of all that you have, as well as, the Moment at hand… It is the desire to want things different than they already are & being unable to Accept yourself as You Are…though consider that the Law of Attraction will keep bringing you what you feel in “this Moment!”


If you are always living in the past or in the future, you will never find satisfaction or joy in the Moment because that is something within you! It is not outside of you & nothing external to you can make up for what you don’t already feel inside!Β  You carry it with you Always!

Again, Nothing Outside of You will make you feel what You don’t already Feel Inside!Β 

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~*β™₯*~ Let everything you do radiate out Love & Leave Your Impression!
Live, Work, & Play In Love!
Love & Light Blessings! ~*β™₯*~

~ β™₯ Lana A. LaBonte β™₯ ~