πŸ’«βšœ Do Something Different! βšœπŸ’«

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Change is Constant so why not ride the wave & surf with it!?

What scares you?

Do you already anticipate a particular outcome to a familiar situation?

How about try a different approach.Β  Change your mindset about how you think things will turn out & consider it as unfamiliar…

Ask yourself, β€œHow can I see this situation differently?”


Are you willing to change up your routine with ease or does it bring up discomfort for you?Β  It’s easy to become habitual and caught up in a routine that stunts your growth.Β  Life is not meant to be mundane but after a lifetime of routine, life feels more restrictive and less enjoyable!


The more we step out of our comfort zone, the easier it is for us to embrace fear that keeps us from moving forward in our lives!


β€œWhat we fear is what we actually need to do the most!”
~ Lana A. LaBonte

Just look back on your life when you were hesitant or resistant to doing something that felt unfamiliar and uncomfortable. It didn’t turn out so bad, did it!?Β  Can you recall the weight lifted off of your shoulders once you did it? Did you find it much easier once you did it rather than what you originally thought?


Watch more here in my Video Blog:

~*β™₯*~ Step outside the box & into the unknown! ~*β™₯*~
You never know how much you’ll grow until you do something different!
Love & Light Blessings! ~*β™₯*~

~ β™₯ Lana A. LaBonte β™₯ ~