πŸ’«βšœ The Importance of Communication! βšœπŸ’«

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The reason most relationships suffer and people get upset is because of lack of communication, failure to communicate, miscommunications & misunderstandings in communication.


As women, we assume so much but rarely take time to ask for the clarification- for many reasons from not wanting to nag or out of simple habit of avoiding confrontation.Β  Our mind can go out of control…

With men, they need help because of their own habits and unawareness.Β  They don’t always know nor get what we women do so we need to work with them.


The reality is it’s all about being transparent & Communicating clearly & effectively between one another!

Awareness is Key!

“When you know better, you do better!” ~ Maya Angelou

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~*β™₯*~ Remember Communication is all about Love! ~*β™₯*~
We all seek toΒ connect in order to feel love through our many forms of communicating.Β  May all your words bring Loving Intentions & Uplift those around you!Β  Love & Light Blessings! ~*β™₯*~

~ β™₯ Lana A. LaBonte β™₯ ~