ANGER Can Teach You What Is Really Going On Within!

Anger shows you care & it means you are on the verge of “This shit stops NOW!  I want to feel better than this …it’s time for change!” ♥

Emotions are our signals to shift or pay attention to what’s really going on below the surface!  The Ego goes through emotions…not the heart!  The Ego knows something is up and it will fight to stay alive and in control!

Getting Angry shows you care!  If you didn’t get angry, it would mean you didn’t care…think about that!  Also reflect upon the times you’ve said “oh, I don’t care…” but you really were angry! You allowed it to have a power over you by holding onto that anger!

When you truly don’t care, you can brush it off and release it! It has no power over you.


Do you want to know what the real cancer of life is? Anger, bitterness, resentment, animosity, blame, shame, seething & loathing toward another, circumstances, self, life…. Your Anger is really toward yourself and it’s sucking the life force out of you! 

It’s being unhappy with where you’re at and comparing yourself to everything around you and the ideal that you have in your mind for the life that you expect you should have!

It’s the victim mentality that keeps you stuck in misery!

It’s that story you keep telling that you keep living and doesn’t resemble anything remotely close to what you really want!


Cancer is what eats us from the inside out… It’s not what’s going on outside of us or around us. It’s everything accumulated in the body brought on by the mind… destructive thoughts feelings emotions turn into distraction in your physical body, in your external world.

Cancer = Carcinogen/Canker = scorching you from within – not from the external!

When you continue to feed cancer what it thrives on, it grows… Anger is it’s fuel!
Even I recognize it in my own physical body! It’s when I’m inflamed, extreme pain, achy joints & bones or muscles…

Telling a story is like reliving the experience!!!  It’s important to choose the story you tell because it will dictate the life you continue to live.

Emotions come from the Ego Mind!   When we’re Emotional, we’re Irrational!

Drink water to rebalance emotions…Why?  Because we’re 70% water and water influences our emotions; energy in motion needs to be allowed to flow!  Emotions rising mean we’re imbalanced!  True balance is achieved when we can maintain calm surrounded by the chaos!


Where do you feel Anger in your body? 

Can you tap into what rises up, sit with it and allow it to be fully embraced – fully felt – fully released?  We need to feel our emotions fully in order for them to heal fully!

~**~  Embrace your Anger & recognize the gift of expansion it is bringing you ~ The Awareness of You!  Many Blessings of Love!  ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~