Heart Over Head

How can you tell which one you’re coming from…

Just think of how you would answer the question:
“Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?”

How you answer this shows you if your Ego Mind needs to prove a point or if your Heart compassionately seeks Balance & Harmony!DistanceHeartHeadQuote

I can tell you that my Ego was so good at buttering me up it told me how much of a good person I was… That I did all these wonderful things for people who didn’t reciprocate or recognize them or me….

But I didn’t see how I was actually expecting how they responded in return versus just being who I was naturally…because there is a subtle old programming of culture that teaches us that “if we do good, we will receive it in return.”HeartCaresQuoteI believed I was doing something good from my Heart but essentially it was still coming from my Ego.  I was attached to a specific outcome – I hadn’t learned that I was really doing things for the wrong reasons.  It was my ideal expected outcome so deeply rooted within my unconscious/subconscious that I felt would give me the feeling of being loved. I had held the belief of how that looked – recognition & reciprocal deeds/behaviors!!!

Nothing anyone did was going to give me love if I wasn’t giving from the Heart first!  In fact, you cannot truly give without receiving when you give from the Heart!  When you give from the attached Ego, you are unable to receive fully!

What energy are you putting out there? 

Do you see your true intentions behind your thoughts & actions?

Live In Joy!  Change your Focus & Live for your Joy Versus your focus on fears that do not exist!


~**~ May Your Heart & Soul guide your way to new found Joy!
Many Blessings! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~