~ ~ Can You Truly Relax? ~ ~

Can you truly Relax? 

I mean really feel the tension release out of your body.

It’s really about Trust… Like everything else, it starts with trusting yourself!

It comes back to an underlying inability to trust ourselves fully because our mind doesn’t allow us to think we should relax – because in the mind, it says “we shouldn’t, we can’t” because we’re not meant to.

Even when we think we’re relaxed our body is tensed up in response to the mind.


Haven’t you ever had someone say to you “relax!”?

They could visibly see your discomfort but your response was “I am relaxed!”

See, it’s easy for others to see our physiology or physical state reflecting what we cannot see for ourselves!

The next time you lay yourself down to sleep, notice if you are stiff or tense…start to pay attention to where you have tension!

Speak lovingly to your body and ask it to relax the different muscles, neck, bones, face, jaw, back, spine…breathe into these areas mindfully and feel yourself melt into your bed and drift off into a peaceful relaxed sleep.  Do this often and see what changes it brings for you in your daily life.


Sweet Dreams!

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~**~ May you sleep with comfort & ease! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~