Consciousness Revealed
Awareness Unplugged…

💫Are you ready to go deep within? This is going to go there & I’m talking bulldozer deep insight! 🤗 🌟

Some of the questions that came up in my morning meditation.

So, am I aligned with my soul or am I simply seeing my thoughts manifesting quicker into reality? Or, is this the same? Is it possible that when someone else is involved, that I am picking up and desiring what they desire, and it coming into my awareness as if it were my own desire/thought when it originated with them?

Or, even more profound, when we think of Soul Contracts and having a predestined charted life path, is it possible it’s simply me picking up on the predetermined charted course that my life was already set to unfold upon? Meaning, that when I open myself to allow my Soul to guide me instead of resisting it [by allowing my mind to determine or try to create it] then, it can flow freely through me and I can clearly see what will unfold because I am no longer clouded by my mind’s ego!? 

Such a profound & powerful consideration to have!

It’s the mind that clouds our true reality – what we know that innately comes from within versus what comes from outside. When we truly free ourselves from the mind trying to control the outcome, that’s when life becomes bliss because you already know and sense what will happen and allow yourself to flow with that in full trust. The exact what that will happen is simply your Soul’s desire to experience certain things in this life!

“Surrender to Soul!!!  Dive deep within for the answers you seek ~ you already possess this Wisdom of Self.  Trust in it!” ~ Lana A. LaBonte

We can easily tap into this simple wisdom once we overcome the need for control; getting caught up in the polarities of the mind that this is right or that is bad.

When we’re tapped into our true source, everything is familiar yet foreign to our mind who will recall our past to compare it!  It is why we feel déjà vu in certain encounters & experiences, premonitions or senses about things, or have thoughts about people who validate and say the same in return,… That’s when we’re truly out of our Mind and aligned with soul!   Right!!!!  😉 Ha ha …


I believe our minds evolved from a time when we were intuitively aware with the witness of an observing nature to now where the Mind has evolved and the Ego had arisen wanting to become an more controlling active participant in this game of life.  The Ego wanted to be more inclusive interacting with what it was seeing, wanting to manipulate the outcomes and steer the course already charted to seek more Pleasure; yet, it goes outside for it away from the Source that is within!  Something has to have sparked to give it this inkling that it could even do such a thing.

So, we must learn to discern the Observer of Awareness that arises within us from the Ego Mind creating thoughts & trying to control things.


The Ego Mind truly thrives on chaos, drama, and conflict of some form!!!

This Ego Mind is the Reactive Perceiver!  People and experiences will trigger you recreating that sensation you are replaying your past yet placing blame on others for making you feel miserable! You’re really reacting to and feeding off of the un-happiness that you are really seeking because we are alway seeking happiness in each and every situation and encounter. 
By reacting to triggers people or situations bring up for you, you are creating your future based on those past experiences.  You are continuing to recreate your past as your present and ultimately your future!

You truly can create what you want in the future but you have to live in the Present – complete & whole right here, right now!  Fully aligned with Soul means being Present in every Moment relinquishing the attachment to the past and/or future concerns & distractions!

Now, when we start seeing the body is also constantly listening to our Mind and responding to it, we see the reflection of this conflict.   Our body is directly reflecting the state of our mind showing us when it is in disharmony!  It’s in how mind creates conflicts through external distractions!  The body does one thing while the mind is doing something else.  True Yoga is the co-creation and interaction of an aligned mind, body, & soul.  You can’t have a conflicted mind with the body in harmony because it is in co-creation & always showing you where there is conflict!

Whichever side of the brain that is more dominant shows where your imbalance lies – whether you are stuck in the Mind or physically stuck in the Body. 

The Sympathetic Nervous System (high emotional states – fight or flight, excitement) = Mind

The Parasympathetic Nervous System (engages to calm when the Sympathetic is triggered) = Body
When the Mind goes into conflict, choosing this or that, it creates our stress or suffering which we feel in our physical body.  It’s the lesser known Enteric Nervous System (2nd Brain in the Gut) where the Vagus nerve conveys messages between the gut and the brain!  
This is how your body signals you through physiological responses like nervousness, anxiety, butterflies & gut feelings because this is where our emotional center resides in our gut; our old stories are embedded in our cellular memory which flair when triggered by familiar recreated experiences

Holy Trinity = Power of 3 = Union of Mind, Body, Soul = Oneness

Paraphrasing Gurudev Amrit Desai’s Darshan today & my personal interpretation of it:  He spoke of how the allegorical Tree of Knowledge is this information we’ve been programmed with over the course of our lives!  This is where we’ve created polarities – like heaven & hell!  We actually create heaven and hell the moment we choose!  Choosing is always for or against something… based on our past experiences- fears of things “not working out” or a success in things working out as you anticipate them.  Success of the Failures in life also exists as Success – this is what creates conflict in the mind & body!!!  This is especially activated when it is something you want most or something you don’t want just as equally.  Goal Orientation is looking for things Outside!

It’s the constant search outside of ourselves with an attachment to expectations [what we seek, want to happen, specific outcomes] that causes this inner conflict & creates our suffering!


The fact that people look for harmony & unity outside when they have inner conflict outside is why we have such conflict in the world.  We simply can’t have inner conflict & outer harmony!  Balance has to be acheived!

Attachment & Fear are the same thing!

We see things through our reactive perceptions (filters of our beliefs, behaviors, experiences…)! Witnessing the modifications of the Mind is Yoga!
This is why Meditation is so important!  We must make peace with our thoughts and see that they are not who we are.  They simply are replayed memories of experiences over and over from your past or illusion-based future.


You body is run by your dominant subconscious experiences.  The creator that is consciousness & has been replaced by the Ego Mind is running the body! The body listens to & does what the mind says – conscious or unconscious thoughts!

We need to be reminded that God/Source/Oneness is Omnipresent! 
What is in the Macrocosm is in the Microcosm – simultaneously!
As Above So Below!!!

The Cause lives in you as the memory of your past! Truly,

“You are the creator & when you change, the whole world changes with you.”

Keep Awareness on when the Mind is creating the conflict in your Body!!!

~**~ Let your Soul be your guide!  Retrain your Mind to be witness to what is & allow it to be.  Tap into your Body’s Wisdom & allow it to show you when disharmony arises between the Mind & Body.  You just may find a new found path to freedom from conflict leading you to the life you’ve always wanted to live!  In Love, as Love! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~