How do You Relate to You? ~ How is your Relationship with Yourself?

You Need to Make Peace With You!

Our relationship with Self dictates every other relationship! This is the key to living in Joy!

Do you ever take time to observe your thoughts about yourself?

When you’re judging another, you’re actually judging yourself most subtly by comparing yourself to them. You cannot make any judgement without something to compare to it.

Your Ego would have you think otherwise but can you challenge it to tell you why the judgement is so relevant &/or important?

How about the thoughts you have about yourself when you call yourself names, berate yourself, push & bully yourself, …?  

Can you honestly say you “like yourself!?”


Also, remember you are not your emotions – can you see where they are brought on by your Ego Mind? They’re simply the triggers of past experiences…unhealed & unfinished business of your life.  Once you are able to make peace with them, your triggers will be reduced over time & eventually disappear because your attachment to them will be released.

This is the most important area to come to for compassion – to soften & be kinder in your thoughts about yourself!  Try not to judge or dismiss the thoughts because they’re there to teach & tell you something about yourself!

Take each thought as it comes in & observe it, reflect upon it & what it is showing you about you, challenge it if you feel it is unkind or threatening in some way, & consider it your teacher of where you’re at in the moment.  Can you trace the thoughts back to where they originated?  Maybe it came in because something triggered a memory for you or curiosity was invoked within you…

~**~ Remove the judgement of thoughts being good or bad.  See how it has brought you the gift of Personal Insight ~ True Connection to YourSelf!  ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~