💗Trust Your Intuition ~ Into It I See!💗

Lunar = Moon = Dark = Emotions = Inward/Inner Reflection or Contraction = Feminine = Self Care & Nurturing

Solar = Sun = Light = Action = Exertion = External/Creating your world or Expansion = Masculine = Creating/Conquering Fears & putting visions into reality

The Moon (Emotions) pulls on us from the inside while the Sun (Mind) fuels/fires us from the outside…so, we have this push-pull going on.

Intuition is your clear guidance & inner compass!  Full Moon Release… Capricorn = Focused Action or Vision…Full steam ahead! ♥

Whatever is going on around you symbolizes what is actually going on within you.  Where your attention goes is what’s being brought to surface for you to heal – old pains & their charges/triggers.

~**Use this Full Moon in Capricorn to release all that old baggage of beliefs & behaviors that no longer serve you & keep you from growing & evolving! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~