Live from the Dali 💗 Family Matters!

Whether you agree, disagree, or you agree to disagree, family matters most!

Love everybody where they’re at even if you don’t agree with it. Wouldn’t you want somebody to love you no matter what & not hold the “where” against you!?

All you do by holding onto resentment, grudge, or animosity is build down a weak immune system & a declined quality of life!  Those same “triggers” are simply reawakened in every experience you continue to have because you have not yet released them.

Learn to see the blessings everyone brings to your life – there is no such thing as good or bad – it just is what it is!  It’s all part of this life.  Without the good you cannot have the bad, & vice-versa. 

Without “colorful” contrasts (experiences) in your life, your life becomes lackluster & you no longer grow or evolve.  Who wants a predictable life anyway!?

Can you find 1 thing about each person that makes you smile with gratitude?  Who knows, if you find one, you may find more…

~**~  Today, bless everyone in your life & take a moment to see how they’ve blessed you in yours! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~