Set An Intention for the New Year 2016!

Embracing Inspiration


A label is a mask life wears.  We put labels on life all the time. “Right,” “wrong,” “success,” “failure,” “lucky,” “unlucky,” may be as limiting a way of seeing things as “diabetic,” “epileptic,” “manic-depressive,” or even “invalid.”  Labeling sets up an expectation of life that is often so compelling we can no longer see things as they really are.  This expectation often gives us a false sense of familiarity toward something that is really new and unprecedented.  We are in relationship with our expectations and not with life itself.” 

~ Rachel Naomi Remen, Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal

True ignorance is ignoring a person for who they truly are and buying into your perception of them based on labels.  Might you be fooled by this mask?  Maybe you see a reminder of some familiar yet appalling aspect; you label itbased upon something from your own past, a…

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