Embracing Inspiration


A Stream of Consciousness from my morning Meditation:

When we go without, we suffer but when we go within, we know Truth!

Don’t mistake what you think in your head to be truth because this is where it, the mind, deceives.  A simple distraction to maintain its existence as the mind fears its own death. 

It’s in your Heart Truth is Known! 

What we Perceive we Believe & what we Believe we Perceive…

This is the Mind.

This is the Ego.

     It’s this head-based rationalizing that has been the root cause of all of our suffering; the heartaches we’ve endured have all been initiated and perpetuated in our head! 

This loyalty to thoughts based on illusions of our preconceived ideas and imagined reality is what has left our hearts in such a state of neglect and pain.

      We’ve allowed our head to dictate, overshadow, and neglect…

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