Embracing Inspiration


~*~ HappyValentine’sDay! ~*~

Although this day has become commercialized around the world, it is a day recognized for celebrating LOVE.  For me, it’s usually just another day because I feel love should be celebrated every day but not today.  Over the past 5+ years but more specifically, this month, life has had its twists and turns, sped up, slowed down, been frustrating, felt exhilarating, shifted in new ways, and just been a series of interesting experiences filled with a myriad of emotions.  This has raised many questions for me like, “What does this all mean?  Where am I headed?  What does my future hold?  When will this holding pattern break?  Am I THERE yet?  Am I doing the right thing?  Do I even know what I’m doing?  What if I’m doing what I need to? …

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