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 A Stream of Consciousness from my morning Meditation:

My mind was reflecting upon the word disease and it’s origins.  I felt the word Ease stand out as I was focusing on BEing in the Stillness with Ease Then, it struck me, a concept so simple yet, so profound! 

This word Easy originates from the word Ease and it means to be At Ease with what is! 

Ease  =  Comfort

If something is Easy, it’s because you’re at ease with what it is; you are comfortable with it!

Society and our culture have perpetuated Easy to equate to lazy when it isn’t – how things shouldn’t be easy – and we should always have to struggle and strive for what we think we want as even that’s been imbedded into our psyches through the media.  Would it really bring us the pleasure we seek if we worked so hard for it?  Interestingly, I can look back upon my life and see that I probably held on the longest and hardest to those things I felt I’d sacrificed myself to achieve or gain.  Meanwhile, for it to have come easy would mean it wasn’t worthwhile?  How absurd are we really to have bought into this?  How much resistance do we believe is necessary to live a meaningful life?  Well, apparently many of us have fallen victim to this false conditioning because I know I did!

When something “comes easy to you,” it really means you are at ease with whatever it is!  

Now, interestingly enough, from my own conditioning, I immediately saw how I had been conditioned to relate this word easy to mean lucky or lazy and irresponsible; using the word easy wasn’t a compliment.  Let’s face it, this world has perpetuated that “Nothing worthy comes easy.  Only hard work and effort pays.” 

From being told what is a reasonable career path to follow in life versus a gift or true talent that comes naturally with ease to being labeled or called cold because you can find neutrality and don’t become overly emotional in a situation where you can see it for what it is and are at ease with it.  Think of a time when you offered advice and someone struck back at you with “Easy for you to say!”  Not everyone has ease in what they’re dealing with or they would be in the flow.

What does the word Easy evoke in you? 

“Sometimes what is really hurting you is your own perception of things.”
~ Isaac Asimov 

If your life is what you perceive as difficult and you’re meeting resistance with what IS versus what you WANT, you’re most certainly not at Ease!  This is why it is called “Dis~Ease!”  The fact that you want something that is not currently available to you at this moment in time implies you have an attachment and expectation to something outside of what you have now!  It brings up the disassociation from your being present in this moment and being at ease with what is

Anytime we look ahead or behind what is in this moment now, we are basically ignoring and neglecting what is right there in front of us.  It’s at that moment you can see your discomfort with the Present and your lack of gratitude and appreciation for it.  

Whatever it is we may be unable or unwilling to confront in our current moment will only grow and fester if you don’t confront and process it in the moment you feel it.  You can’t force something away and suppress it because it came up for you to attend to it at that moment, without judgment or blame!  If it continues to be unattended to, it will continue to resurface and invariably prove to be more bothersome the longer it is ignored.  

You need to look at it & BE with it… Seek to know what it is you’re resisting and fighting… and, Why!

Why do you feel everything needs to be so difficult?  It’s not necessary.

Have you, like I, myself had, bought into the idea that nothing in life comes easy or how you must struggle with hard work to get what you want in life? 

This is the part where I found this exact belief implies we should be in constant struggle, in dis-ease fighting for what we want when the reason we have don’t have it is because we use the same resistance to block the flow & ease of just allowing it to BE! 

If you’re not able to be At Ease with what is, you certainly won’t be any more comfortable with what you claim to want and struggle so hard to get!  Anything that doesn’t come with ease has been forced and means it won’t last – whether you loose the interest after you’ve conquered or it escapes your grasp.  Power is innately within each and every one of us while force is the illusion of power used to speed up having it.  I learned of this when I read David R. Hawkins’ book Power vs. Force and you can find examples of it all around us – Force masquerading as Power over the masses where the masses so easily could take that power back in an instance.  It’s the Ego that has the hardest time with being at ease because it fears its own death.  It wants to control everyone and everything in its vicinity drawing in those who will bow to it. 

If you don’t agree with the Ego, it takes and makes things personal, lashing out attacking those who threaten its existence.  It knows if you don’t agree, it may be found out to be a fake, a phony, a tyrant trying to enlist loyalty to IT, not to the person or the situation. 

Without validation through agreement, the Ego looses ground. 

This is the Suffering!

The Dis~Ease!

The mind can only be at Ease when the Ego is dissolved.  The mind is meant to serve us and does provide insight but it is not meant to overrule the Heart as it has in this World – otherwise, war would not exist!   Again, if we were all at ease with what is, we would not seek out to impose our will (Ego) upon others trying to force them to conform with what we feel is comfortable for us!   One has to be able to improve himself long before they can ever affect another, let alone force their will upon them! Because that will is the Ego!  The Ego will never Be Happy!  It can’t because it collects servants only to want more… Isn’t that what Tyranny is about?



So, I ask you, what is Ease for you?  What have you perceived to be Easy in your life?  Have you appreciated it or take it for granted – giving more gratitude to the fruits of your labored struggles?

How do you find Ease in your life?

What are you Uneasy or uncomfortable with in your life?  Where is your focus – on the Ease or the disease?   

Can you see how much easier your life would be if you focused on ease in your life now?  Don’t you want a life of ease? 


To define a life of ease really simply means life flows without resistance.  Everything that you desire comes into your life in such a way it exceeds any expectation you could possibly have held.  Being at ease means releasing attachments to how you would like things to be.  It’s remaining neutral in moments where you recognize you are not in control and everything will be alright because everything is happening in perfect Divine Time.  It’s keeping that Ego at bay and treating yourself with respect and kindness because you know your Heart rules.  Easy does it was coined long ago and if you apply it to your life, you may just find it ultimately does!

“Easy Does It when You Are at Ease with what is!”
~ Lana A LaBonte

~**~   May You BE AT EASE and in the flow of Divine Grace every step of your life!
In Love, Joy, Peace, & Harmony!  ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~