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A Stream of Consciousness from my morning Meditation:

When we go without, we suffer but when we go within, we know Truth!

Don’t mistake what you think in your head to be truth because this is where it, the mind, deceives.  A simple distraction to maintain its existence as the mind fears its own death. 

It’s in your Heart Truth is Known! 

What we Perceive we Believe & what we Believe we Perceive…

This is the Mind.

This is the Ego.

     It’s this head-based rationalizing that has been the root cause of all of our suffering; the heartaches we’ve endured have all been initiated and perpetuated in our head! 

This loyalty to thoughts based on illusions of our preconceived ideas and imagined reality is what has left our hearts in such a state of neglect and pain.

      We’ve allowed our head to dictate, overshadow, and neglect the needs of our own Hearts!
Why have we allowed this inanimate Ego to enslave us to such lack of self-respect and perpetual life-degrading behavior?

How is it we have given full reign to our head overshadowing our own Heart?
Why do we treat our Heart so poorly?

In the end, it really is our Heart that knows and leads us to our desired Destiny.

Remember the times when you noticed how you allowed your head to lead the show despite having that gut feeling of a better solution only to realize later, that what you felt was right all along!?

THAT was your Heart telling you!

Why didn’t you listen?

You thought the head knew better?  ….but how many times has it proven this to be an incorrect assesses meant of its ability to serve and protect you?

Our Ego Mind is meant to serve us but we’ve turned it into a monster that we’ve relinquished control over to.  The only thing it has become is out of control with external influences, with distractions from seeing the Truth that is within us, and keeping us in fear of anything that threatens its existence. 

What if you woke up one day only to realize you had no control over anything in your life other than the way you reacted to it and experienced it?

Well, isn’t that the Truth already!?
We *think* we do have control but we really don’t??? 

This is the construct of our mind.  The idea doesn’t come from our heart but comes from our head.  My humor wanted to suggest you wrap your head around this concept.
Now, can you recognize when your mind goes off on a tangent?  That is you witnessing it.  Witnessing allows you to watch the antics of the mind, to see it’s habits, and learn the games it plays that keep you in a state of suffering.  When you witness, it gives you the insight and ability to make the changes at the moment you recognize the injustices of the mind – how it proceeds to resist your attempts to seek your happiness within. 


We can only truly find our Truth within.  You cannot seek validation through others. 

To even depend on others is just as absurd because we’re all a part of a Divine Dance where some move with grace in the flow and synchronicity while others haven’t yet keyed into the natural rhythm and rigidly bump and grind with resistance to the symphony.  This is because we are all at different stages along in our journey.  Not one of us is at the same point nor ever could be where we can or could share the same experience, ever!

Though, the real simple Truth is the same for each and every one of us!

It is Love!

      Love is Truth!

There’s nothing mysterious about this at all except that we’ve denied it.  We all desire it and need it but the inflated head over heart way of living has suppressed this simple Truth!

The reality is we come in as Love and we die back into Love…the challenge is to live in Love!

The journey along the way is about returning to Love and each of us goes about it on their own Path of Experiencing the many contrasts of it.
The illusion is that we can’t have Love or that we have to earn it but then again, that’s the way the Mind has been conditioned.  Don’t fall prey to this lie.


This time we are currently in will find us all learning new ways of approaching life.  We will be awakened to New Sensations!  If you haven’t already sensed this in your own life, you’ll notice you may even feel things differently than you have before.  Embrace it because this is an exciting time.  We are here in this life to EXPERIENCE it!  Stop trying to find ways to escape what you label to be good or bad but instead, seek to experience it. 

It’s in the experience you’ll find your freedom from suffering!

Return to the root of the root of your own self.”
~ Rumi

~**~   May You be Blessed with new & exciting insights into YOU & Your Truth! BeHold your Heart with Love, in Love, as Love!  ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~