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The serious thing for each person to recognize vividly and poignantly, each for himself, is that every falling away from species-virtue, every crime against one’s own nature, every evil act, every one without exception records itself in our unconscious and makes us despise ourselves. Karen Horney had a good word to describe this unconscious perceiving and remembering; she said it “registers.” If we do something we are ashamed of, it “registers” to our discredit, and if we do something honest or fine or good, it “registers” to our credit. The net results ultimately are either one or the other—either we respect and accept ourselves or we despise ourselves and feel contemptible, worthless, and unlovable.”

~ Abraham Maslow from Towards a Psychology of Being

Emotions ~ as we ebb and flow through life, waves in sensations crescendo in our thoughts, actions, and reactions all based on these feelings!  Feelings that reside in the deepest part of us, our subconscious and in our core, our Heart.  How often do you acknowledge how they navigate you in every area of your life?  Do you realize how important it is to honor each and every emotion you go through?  Because our emotions are cyclical, they will continue to resurface until you sit face-to-face with each one of them, acknowledge, listen, and allow them to speak to you; to teach you about yourself and how to grow and progress in this life.  Suppressed and unresolved feelings only fester … 

It’s a simple Technology of the SoulWe just need to adapt to the language, learn the signs, and become master communicators with our Soul.  With this mastery we can navigate through life with ease and grace.


Consider the Moon represents our inner world ~ our emotions ~ fluid like water and easily transformative from one moment to the next.  The Soul communicates to us via our Emotions (E-moting ~ Energetic Motion or Energy in Motion)But when the Ego detects feeling, dramatic scenarios of unreal events are concocted to facilitate illusions based on strong belief systems we’ve been conditioned with.  It believes it can and will control situations to protect us.  Sure, it has our best interest at heart and wants to serve us by protecting us.  On the other hand, our Ego thinks itself Important!  But that’s all it can do because it is not tangible nor can it produce anything physical.  

Everything about the Ego is an Illusion, even the good sounding stuff!  Sometimes it even wants to tell you what you feel by creating sensation in you through reliving painful memories.  Have you ever considered how sabotaging this is?

Don’t get caught up in any of this because it’s a distraction from what is being presented.  What is happening when your Soul speaks to you through your emotions is giving you this amazing opportunity to confront and balance the imbalance of this energetic motion – Emotion!  Imbalances in our feelings are there to show us the contrast, the glimpse into what doesn’t feel good or resonate with out Heart.  Like any duality, Positive/Negative, True/False, Masculine/Feminine, Yin/Yang…too much of one or the other throws us off balance.  Imbalance occurs when the energies are out of sync and you see one more than the other… this is why it’s so Overwhelming!  In fact, you may even recognize how when our minds are out of balance it’s the direct result of our unresolved emotions. Imbalanced Minds = Unresolved EmotionsAllowing emotions to fester only manifest dis~ease our physical bodies and the situations we find ourselves in.  If you keep reliving events but never dealing with the emotions surrounding them, you’re creating more suffering in your life.  No matter how painful an emotion, deal with it in the moment it arises and your life will be effortless.  Choose to clear the air now for your health.


A nice reminder to consider when you feel an emotion stir,

 The Presence is the Present ~ Gift yourself with Presence!
Nothing is more important than your Emotional Well-Being!

SOUL = SOL or SOLE = SUN (inner & outer!)  Seems befitting there would be a connection between the Sun and the Moon with Emotion as the Soul’s mode of communication.  The Sun is typically associated with how people see you from the outside while the Moon is your inner world.  The relationship is in how balance is created by bringing the darkness to the light; it’s illuminating what needs attention.  Focus in on your feelings when emotions rise and work through them in that moment so you aren’t carrying around the heaviness of them on your shoulders later.  

I choose my happiness ~ it’s not conditional, just subjective to my own conditioning!   A smile begets a smile and nurtures the mind, body, and soul; while anger festers and kills from the inside out.

What do you choose? 

~ Lana A. LaBonte

I feel it’s time for us to face our fears and deepest emotions for what they’re trying to evoke in us!  Most of the time we think, “I don’t want to upset the boat,” meanwhile, it’s your boat that no longer floats and risks sinking.  Do yourself and everyone involved the service to speak up when you feel that uneasy sensation in your gut because nobody wins with assumptions, unspoken or repressed feelings.

Want to feel “ease” in your life?

Don’t let it get to that breaking point, eliminate the dis~ease from you mind, body, and soul!


Take your emotions more seriously and nurture them.  This is the first sign of love you can demonstrate for YOU, when you can coddle those sensitivities that arise in you like you would a child.  I guarantee the more you tap into these Senses of your Soul, the smoother and lighter your life will feel.  Emotions won’t be so scary and feeling will take on a whole new meaning!  This is where life is about finding balance ~ in learning our body language and mastering it!


~**~   Learn your inner language & feel its message!  Your Soul counts on you to be its best expression of itself so, live this life fully ~ Emotions & All!    ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~