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~*~  Happy Valentine’s Day!  ~*~

Although this day has become commercialized around the world, it is a day recognized for celebrating LOVE.  For me, it’s usually just another day because I feel love should be celebrated every day but not today.  Over the past 5+ years but more specifically, this month, life has had its twists and turns, sped up, slowed down, been frustrating, felt exhilarating, shifted in new ways, and just been a series of interesting experiences filled with a myriad of emotions.  This has raised many questions for me like, “What does this all mean?  Where am I headed?  What does my future hold?  When will this holding pattern break?  Am I THERE yet?  Am I doing the right thing?  Do I even know what I’m doing?  What if I’m doing what I need to?  What if I fail?” 

I have to admit for as long as I have been working to heal my life of the past traumas, old beliefs and patterns, there have been many moments of doubt, fear, sadness, and depression, which have caused me to question if I will ever get through this period and onto living my life more purposely.  I know it’s a fact that when I even judge where I am, I’m not BEing alright where I am in that moment; I’m not appreciating the NOW and honoring it for how far I’ve come.  It’s incongruent with who I am because these is only shortsightedness and polarized thoughts creating my emotional discomfort. 

The truth is, today I saw how everything has led up to my acknowledging I LOVE MYSELF!  I had to recognize how an old life lesson and experience surfaced and how I had manifested it only because I didn’t value myself enough and compromised my own integrity. 

My buttons had been pushed long enough and I wasn’t being treated the way I wanted to be treated; heck, I clearly wasn’t demonstrating this for myself by myself.  In fact, I had neglected myself, my needs, and just now starting to feel resentful for feeling undervalued, dismissed, excluded, and unsupported after months of tolerating. 

I didn’t speak up for what I needed but instead tried, as I have done most of my life, to do it all myself.  Well, feeling the mounting pressure in my life for a good several weeks, I have been upset and fired up about my unjust situation.  At the same time, I am appreciative I recognized it and how it is no longer acceptable to me.  I knew I needed to address it with myself and eventually confront the situation. 

What a blessing this has turned out to be! 

My Heart and Soul are speaking loudly and I am feeling them clearer than ever before.  I have meditated, asked and prayed for guidance and a resolution to release this no-longer-serving scenario.  I prayed for transformation, change, and integration of all the healing work I’ve been doing, now!  In these past few days I have been feeling and sensing a stronger connection to God, Source, God-Head, the Universe, Soul, the Almighty Power, my Higher Self, than ever before.  Because of this deep awareness, here is what I strongly resonated with this afternoon:

The Golden Rule of Love:
Love unto YourSelf as You want others to
Love unto YOU!”

Lana A. LaBonte


I’ve always believed in the Golden Rule but I now see how it falls short of citing Love as the root of it all.  If your intention is not aligned with Love coming from your Heart, it doesn’t serve anyone.

This Golden Rule of Love is so easily seen in theory but more often missed in application while we’re complacently going through the motions of life but never actually getting it

Here’s where my Epiphany was realized.

From the moment I awoke, I felt something different.  In my daily morning practice everything felt solid and pain free.  This says a LOT because much of my life has been withstanding pain.  I had rarely lived a day without pain to know what it felt like for my body to feel good!  This was a clue as I headed to the yoga studio where I continued with meditative Amrit Yoga and Nidra classes.  Again, I was seeing how fluid my body was moving, effortlessly and free of resistance ~ the pain body!  Even subtle hints of where pain has appeared melted away with the breath as I reminded my body how it did not belong to me, was not the way I should feel, and to release it.  Then, it was in Kundalini Yoga where:


I hadn’t realized it until I was holding a posture with long slow breathes ~ I truly do LOVE MYSELF!  I have told myself for a long time, “I AM LOVE!” but I hadn’t really recognized how much I actually do love myself because I wasn’t seeing how I love[d] myself.  I was going through motions but not actually seeing…  The fact that I have disciplined myself all this time [over these years] devoted and dedicated to focus on removing what no longer serves me and change old habits, behaviors, and belief systems ~ TO HEAL MYSELF while healing others around me, especially family! 

WOW, how could I have not seen this sooner?

I felt my love radiate from my entire BEing.


Ultimately, if I hadn’t gotten upset and recognized I where wasn’t standing in my power and self-worth, I may not have seen how it was a direct reflection for the amount of respect I had amassed in all the time I’ve been working on myself! 

If I didn’t care, I would not have had such a strong emotion to the way I was seeing how this individual had affected me.  It was an old lesson from the past yet, there was a deeper message than just speaking up for myself.  It was also about owning and being Loving to myself so others would see it and follow my example.  Boundaries/limitations, call it what you will… if you don’t have a strong sense of Self-worth, you clearly don’t Love yourself!  No excuses!


So, today, in the simplest ways, I started noting all the ways I Love ME!  I may not be in the perfect financial situation at this moment and have allowed it to distract me but truly, I have more than money can buy!  I have LOVE ~ for myself, others, humanity, and all that is around me.  Why?  Because we’re all LOVE, we all desire Love, and we all deserve Love!

Not one person out there doesn’t want it yet, look at how many deny it ~ from themselves and others.  It all starts with Self!  You cannot fully love another without first knowing love for yourself.  Even the love of a parent can feel restricted, despite their words and actions; we innately sense when someone withholds love from us.

It is in my commitment to my healing I saw how much I cared for myself.  Through my dedicated daily yoga practice and meditation, reflective journaling, and tuning into my mind, body, and soul, I have been transforming my life.  This is Love!  Love is doing what nurtures and feeds you, Heart and Soul!  It is not external!  It comes from within and is what we project out to the world. 


I have witnessed how Loving myself enough to do my inner work and integrate change has reflected in those around me.  If it weren’t for these mirrors, I may never have noticed the way my growth has positively impacted family and friends.  This is what motivates me more because I see myself as a drop in the ocean making waves, rippling change out into the world.  How can you not see how you affect those around you?


Why not commit to YOU?  Create a routine and commit to it for Love!

Without commitment in life we can never grow. Commitment is a way of training the mind and making it obey you. You become the master of your mind. Who wants to break the commitment? Your mind. The mind pops up, “Oh, I don’t want to do it,” and you give up. Then wherever you go, whatever you do, the mind will have that same tendency. Think before you leap. Once you leap, that’s it. Stick to it, whatever it is. Your dynamic will should be applied. “Yes, I decided to do it. I am going to do it. I will never back out.” The dynamic decision itself will help you achieve success in that.”

~ Sri Swami Satchidananda fromThe Golden Present

Look within and ask your Heart for guidance and what makes it sing.  Hearts only break when we don’t tend to them.  Our most difficult emotions are meant to be felt because they indicate we’ve neglected ourselves in some way.  They are the senses of the soul!

Respect, honor, and allow your emotions because they’re there to get your attention.  Want to know more, ask!  When you spend time with your emotions, feel and question them, you are able release them sooner.  Not doing this only builds up a explosive pressure.  Emotions are like tides, they’re meant to ebb and flow but don’t allow them to become stagnant blocks.  Water must flow and so shall we when we allow! 


Make this day and every day about Loving YOU!

The fact is, if a person has not experienced the love of his or her soul, within one’s self, there is no chance that that person can go out and love, even though it is a faculty of love that you most powerfully need… You have no sensitivity that your soul shall leave in the subtle body and that your subtle body is as sophisticated as anything in the universe can be.  So unless you produce in yourself elegance, grace, sophisticatedness in your mind, manners and attitude, and unless you come from the infinite altitude, and ascend to that altitude, you cannot descend in love.  The higher is your being, the deeper is the love.”

~ Yogi Bhajan


If you truly love yourself first, the way you want others to also love you, you will FEEL Loved; especially, without confirmation and validation from others.  You shouldn’t be attached or dependent upon others but the bonus is they will follow your example.  Your life will be more enriched for it because without self-love, we cannot truly extend love to others.


  Be the Leader, Pioneer the true meaning of Love:
~**~ Live from your Heart! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~