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“The child’s naïve dream of life is the only one worth having.”                                        ~ Marty Rubin


Continuing with the yesterday’s post on Manifesting Miracles, I realized how important it is to mention how our lives have become so serious we’ve lost our childlike innocence from the time when we had visions of grandeur!

Where did it all go?  It turns out, we learned bad habits, behaviors, ways of thinking and being as we grew into our adult ways.  We were trained, conditioned, and told how we should be.  Along the way we lost our natural penchant for seeking with our heart and feeling our way through life.  We were told we needed to grow up and we listened because we wanted to belong and feel loved.


Anything was possible in our minds.  What thwarted this way of thinking?  Isn’t it interesting to note that we were actually right all along!?  I still believe anything is possible and I strive to reconcile my way of thinking, seeing, and believing that everything has potential.  It does, you know!  Just trust and follow your Heart.  You did when you were very little without any hesitation …. until, you were no longer a child.


Have you ever considered what it was you were so passionate about as a child?  What brought you the most joy?  What did you want to be when you grew up – not the practical but the impractical!?  Do you remember when you gave it up or why?  Were you one of the lucky ones who was able to maintain it or Have you found yourself at a point where you’re returning your childhood passions? 

Either way, it’s time to recapture your Heart’s Desire and pursue what makes your Soul Soar and Heart Sing!

This life is a Playground! 

We came into this life for a reason.  We’re meant to en~joy, explore, and contribute to cultivating our natural gifts, talents, and blessed abilities.  These are what we were meant to share with the world.  Don’t you notice how much joy they bring you by using them but when suppressed, you feel weighed down missing this vitality!?

When was the last time you allowed your Inner Child to play with its natural gifts?  Do you go back from time to time to play?  Don’t loose yourself by suppressing your Self! 

Happy child with painted hands

Hearts break and Souls Shatter when we don’t follow the Truth that radiates the innocence of our Inner Child!”

~ Lana A. LaBonte

Wash yourself of the old restricted living.  Let your Inner Child come out to miraculously and fully experience this life without over-analyzing it from the adult perspective of conditioning & learned behaviors, patterns, & thoughts.  Throw caution to the wind with each experience new and fresh, not tainted from what you have you’ve had occur in your life up to this point.  We base so much of our trepidation to try new things by all the experiences we’ve had as if they determine the outcome.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!


Take each day fresh and ask yourself, “What would I do if I were still my Child Self?” 

Small changes will bring surprising results to your daily life ~ more joy and patience from the perspective a child arises when you tap into the simplicity from whence you came. 

Open your Heart to your Childlike Innocence and allow yourself to be vulnerable once again to the unknown.  Healing comes from Feeling and it’s the only route to a fulfilled life. 

Let your Inner Child come out to Play!  You know it’s time and you deserve to live in Joy!


~**~ Life is a Playground so, Let your Inner Child come out & Play!  Know the Love you Radiate when your Heart Sings & your Soul Soars is contagious ~ Pass it on! ~**~

~ ♥ Lana A. LaBonte ♥ ~