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What is our Truth?  Truth is what our Heart & Soul Speaks! 

We can talk about all the things which BEing in our Truth can be described by, like living with Integrity, Consistency, Demonstration of Character, Honesty, Love, Devotion, etc…but only YOU know if you are living from within your Truth!

Nobody can tell you what your Truth is because what is true for one is not true for another.  It is also not to be confused with tangible facts.

We may feel IT but we are not always listening inwardly to IT!  In fact, typically, our Mind believes it’s in control, running this show we call Life.  The truth is it’s this conditioned Ego Mind, which misleads us; meanwhile, the Heart will never lead you astray! 

Think about the last time you felt you made a bad decision or ended up in a situation you felt you could have avoided if you had just trusted that little voice inside, you know the one I’m speaking of.  Your logical mind was probably the one who deduced how you should proceed and how you landed there to begin with.  If only you had tapped into your inner wisdom.

The other day I spoke with a woman who asked me: 

What is the one thing you could never give up that brings you joy?  That one thing you live for and could never imagine being without?  How could you do more of it?”

We’re not talking eating ice cream, insert whatever your vice, everyday unless you can say you feel complete and total bliss and this feeling sustains you well beyond the passed blissful moment ~ because moments are fleeting. 

What this means is what is it you can’t explain but comes from deep down within your BEing, your Heart & Soul, the Truth of who you are and were meant to BE!  Can you identify something resembling this?  Many times it cannot be explained because it drives you ~ it permeates your entire mind, body, & Spirit. 

Without this, would your life still have meaning?

We got to discussing the difference between living and having a J.O.B. (If interested, look up the history of Job = “persecuted”)

A J.O.B. guarantees an exchange of services for money, which is recognized as a strong sense of security, a belief system of many.  It may not be the case for all but it is a mental programming of what we’ve been conditioned to believe.

If you’re living a more creative life and go with the Flow, your life is always provided with security and this doesn’t always come in the form of money!  This requires real Trust, a deep inner Knowing!

For me, I desire the freedom to travel, write, create, and experience as much as I possibly can!  I didn’t always have this, so I thought!  Having freedom of Choice in my life is essential and tremendously important to me.  I admit there are moments where I feel like I’m on shaky ground and I have no idea what will happen next but I remind myself how everything always works out.  It just does!  How else can one explain this but to live in the Divine flow of miracles.

Ultimately, the message clearly came to me how

“We spend most of our life trying to figure out where we came from, who we are, what we’re doing here, where we’re headed and what happens after we die.  This is how we’ve lost sight of the PRESENT!  We don’t LIVE.  We’re caught up in the Past & the Future trying to decypher mysteries that will be revealed, but long after we’ve Lived this physical existence.  The key word here is LIVE!  Why not tap into this Moment Being TRUE to our Hearts & Souls ~ NOW!?!  There’s no time to waste so why have we become so complacent and caught up in bad habits and behaviors?  Let’s LIVE the Life we were meant to and forgo the distractions!” ♥

We all have those days when we want things to be a certain way.  We think it should BE that way because well, that’s how we’ve been convinced to think it should be.  What if it’s ALL WRONG?  Haven’t you ever questioned or doubted what you think?  What if all those distractions were purposely created for us to loose our sense of power and inner wisdom; or better yet, remove us from our True identity and the Power we innately have inside each and every one of us?  Nobody can take this away from you.  Power has to be given freely; even if you don’t realize you’re doing it.  It’s Force that’s used to fear you into giving it away.  There’s nothing authentic about force.

Authenticity radiates from within when you allow the Truth of who you are to shine ~ Your Heart & Soul!  The only one you can offend or hurt if you deny your Truth is your Self!  You deserve so much more so BE True to You!

~ Lana A. LaBonte


Take some time to sit down and reflect upon what it is that drives you.  What is it in your life that reflects the truth of who you are?  Do you feel your life is complete or do you lack (see my previous post)?  If you feel something is missing, it’s time to tune in and listen.  All it takes is a choice and… It’s up to YOU!

Once you recognize the Divine Order and flow, you see everything as a Blessing! 

~ Lana A. LaBonte


~*~  May you awaken to your True Wisdom within.
May your Heart Sing & your Soul Soar leading you on your Divine Path with Purpose, Grace, and Ease.
May you BE in your unwavering Truth
!  ~*~

Sat Nam! ♥
~ Lana A. LaBonte