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trig·ger  (trgr)
n. 1. a. The lever pressed by the finger to discharge a firearm.
        b. A similar device used to release or activate a mechanism.
    2. An event that precipitates other events.
Electronics A pulse or circuit that initiates the action of another component.

tr.v. trig·gered, trig·ger·ing, trig·gers
    1. To set off; initiate: remarks that triggered bitter debates.

    2. To fire or explode (a weapon or an explosive charge).


A Trigger is an evoked emotional response tied to the past, old memories, situations, beliefs, behavioral patterns ~ painful or joyful! 

It is a key in identifying where you are attached ~ to what is no longer relevant or serving you in your life!  That there is any response in you at all signals this is the moment to confront what lies beneath.  What are all these strong emotional ties binding you?  They summon up those areas in your life needing your attention so they may be healed. 


Consider when a person says some word (trigger) that boils your blood or even a word, event, song, sensation, or picture (all triggers) reminding you of one of the happiest moments of your life!  Both are triggers yet we are more attentive to the ones eliciting those deepest pains within us.  Why is this?  It goes back to attachment to our past and not allowing ourselves to release that which no longer serves us in our life in this present moment.  Are we really such gluttons for punishment we perpetuate our own suffering!?

Whether it’s being the victim or living in fear of something, these are the moments when the Universe is sending you a sign, a signal, that it’s time for you to stand up and confront it once and for all; otherwise, it will keep coming up ~ insert Rinse and Repeat!

In every situation, you are being called to remember ~ to confront your past, you know, the one you’ve been avoiding or burying deep down for nobody else to see, yet, you KNOW it’s still there! 

Attachment to a belief you hold created the conditions allowing for you to be triggered! 

Release this and it will no longer pop up…  Unless, of course, to test if you truly have released it!  The Universe will do this from time to time only for you to see how far you’ve evolved and grown. 

Reflect upon the patterns you have when you are triggered.  How do you handle them?  Do they create more pain leading you to continue an unhealthy addiction?


Once you recognize the Divine Order and flow, you see everything as a Blessing! 

~ Lana A. LaBonte

~*Take time to meditate, ask yourself what it is this Trigger evokes in you and why.  Ask it to show you the answers and then ask what needs to be done to release it.  Find the courage, the strength, and the vulnerability to let go! 

Recognize all you have to be grateful for in this Life!

May your Heart Sing & your Soul Shine Brightly!  ~*~

~ Lana A. LaBonte