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When union happens between a human and God, and that understanding comes, and you invoke your own spirit, then the entire Universe will come through you.”

~ Yogi Bhajan

This was read at the end of our morning mediation and perfectly expressed my theme.  I love this quote because when I think of union, I immediately think of yoke (yolk humor, as well) or uniting.  Then, to read the word invoke [rhyming with yoke] just solidifies the merging of our our Soul with the Divine, our ONEness!  The Soul is our direct connection to Source, to God, Omnipresent ~ what you choose to call it. 

It was from yoke the word yoga was derived.  How perfect!  The practice of yoga was never intended to be a trend or fitness craze but through discipline to commune us with ourselves and others, reuniting.  It’s through the physical practice we learn to relate to our bodies and the meditative practice we return to our intuition.  There is no competition or comparison – only what appears in the mind and can be witnessed through our struggles.  It teaches you patience, tolerance, humility, compassion, wisdom, boundaries, and how to listen to and connect to your body.  It’s important to tap into the wisdom of your pain body because this form of communication is meant to get your attention.  Ignoring it manifests “what you resist persists;” what you don’t attend to now only becomes worse later on.  I can attest to this!

For years I engaged in high-impact activities like aerobics, running, spinning, biking, climbing, hiking, and taking a major toll on my body.  I had even done yoga off and on at home and sparsely in gyms where it was offered. I admit when I started taking hot yoga it was specifically for the intense physical exertion.  Yes, I pushed my limits, as I had in the past, ignoring the pain because “no pain, no gain…to see results you need to feel the burn!”  Oh, and I did!  But over the course of nearly 2 years, my intense hot yoga practice did soften and I realized my body craved change.  It was during that time, I started to sense an inward reflection, a desire to delve deeper into mySelf.  I needed to try other practices as I consciously decided to heal my body.  I had resisted pain in my physical body, as well as my emotional body, and I no longer desired this to persist!  Besides, I’d already experienced how if I didn’t make the choice to change an unhealthy situation, change would arrive in a most unwelcome way.  Read A Personal Account of How My Thoughts Created My Reality


It has been through my practice over the past 4 1/2 years I’ve truly grown and healed.  I’ve learned to listen more to my body and my inner wisdom.  Sure, there are days I witness myself stepping out of alignment but it’s in those moments I’m more attuned and able to correct and adjust where I need to, both in physical and mental practice throughout my daily life!  I’ve evolved from the old obsessively critical persona into cultivating the kinder, gentler, more humble approach to loving and supporting mySelf

So, how did I arrive to this blog?  Isn’t everything connected!? 

A while back, June 19th to be exact, I asked a question during meditation, “how can I connect to my spirit, my higher self?” 

A strong response came through insisting:

feel your body to know you are not your body…all the sensations of energy pulsating through you are your spirit body…ethereal body.

Today in yoga, I reflected upon this message and tuned in.  I felt the heightened senses of energy pulsating all over my body, a strong vibration of all the molecules moving – even beyond the skin of my physical body.  It wasn’t something new to me but it was a much deeper awareness.

Over the past few days I continued to receive a message telling me to connect with my Heart and Soul.  I notice some people refer to their heart as just an organ pumping and circulating blood throughout the body but I believe it is so much more our inner wisdom, the seat of our Soul! 

Life only becomes chaotic when we let the Ego-based mind rule.  It thinks it’s in control but I believe the Heart always knows everything is going to be alright; even while the mind steers us off course, we always return to the Heart of the matter!  If we can learn to achieve balance in life between the two and learn trust, we’ll find the heart will always guide us safely. 

It is in my awareness, I arrived to this conclusion: 

It’s in our Hearts we Heal!

Because, this is where we ultimately always return ~ to the HEART!  If we avoid our need to heal emotional pains, we’re shutting down our heart and this is what causes our suffering.  We need to have an open heart to be connected and live a joyous, loving life.  Haven’t you ever felt that sharp pain in your heart simultaneously while you have been emotionally hurt?  Denying the heart it’s healing weighs it down and causes weakened immunity in the body ultimately leading to disease or heart conditions.  Why wouldn’t you want to heal?  What you resist persists!”

What’s this life all about?  To me, it’s about celebrating who we are and not what we do or relate to in this human form.  It’s a return to your true Self, the one born with bright eyes, a loving heart, a trusting soul, and seeing everything as new.  I believe we need to trace back through all the layers of the mind, body, soul to our connection to God Source ~ where our Heart originates!

GodInYouRumiQuoteRemember to take time to celebrate you life!  We certainly weren’t born to be as serious as we’ve become.

Take time to reflect the Divine Light of Who You ARE ~ Feel it!


~~ May the In~Spirit~ation Rise from Within YOU  ~~
♥ ♥ ♥
~ Lana

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