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When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” 

~Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


Seek Silence!
Silent contains the same letters as LISTEN for good reason.
To be silent is to allow your Soul to be felt, your Heart to radiate, and your Body to vibrate its physical BEing.  This is the return to your Self!” 

~ Lana A. LaBonte

Listen to your Soul‘s inner wisdom and follow your Heart

All of us need Healing on some level which requires Patience, Courage, and Love for One’s Self to Persevere even at the most difficult Moments!


I confess, often in my own life I have been distracted.  Though, I find peace when I look for the calm amongst the chaos ~ those distractions in my life were and are only meant to steer me off course. 

Even in my darkest hours, clinging to the illusion that my life had been done to me versus utilizing it to guide me, I had to learn I am not my past.  I see this now. 

I have received many lessons learned and experiences taught, leading me to the realization of how the map of my Destiny was charted.  It’s taken me years of personal persistence and perseverance to find the healing in my suffering.  I learned I cannot heal fully unless I confront the source of my pain and release the emotional attachment to it; because this all originates in the mind! 

Honoring my emotions and allowing them to surface has been a huge part of the process in creating a new me.  When my emotions have been at their strongest and bubbled up to the point of an explosive release, that’s when I’ve experienced the most crucial breakthroughs!  It hasn’t always been pretty but it has been necessary to find the alchemy of love in my life! 

Love truly heals all and the connection to our Soul comes through the acceptance of who we truly are inside, not what we are physically or the environment in which we find ourselves – these are external to us.

Roshan’s Love & Light shares an enlightening perspective on how to consider life’s details: 

When you look at each of your relationships as though they contain a Soul Agreement, you get a whole new perspective about the purpose and meaning of what’s happening between you and your life. When you look at it from a Soul’s perspective, even when you haven’t figured out the details of a particular Agreement, suddenly things become less personal, the drama that accompanies personality conflicts dissipates magically, and you are freed to learn the things that your Soul had in mind when it created the Agreement before you were ever born.”

~ Roshan, Roshan’s Love & Light

Find Stillness and be amazed at what you will find inside of YOU: soothing silence, inner peace, heightened senses, illuminated vision, increasing awareness, acceptance, synchronicity, serendipity, blessings abound, manifested thoughts, True LOVE, and so many more gifts to be grateful for in your present waking life.

Take the time today to Meditate in your Heart ~
Enjoy the Silence
& Stillness of Love!

~~ May the In~Spirit~ation Rise from Within YOU
& Beam upon all you Encounter~~
♥ ♥ ♥
~ Lana