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Sorting through some paperwork this evening, I came across something I’d written my last day of work in Bella Napoli, 27 Nov 2012. These were thoughts and observations I made at that time.

My thoughts today as I walked were reflective of SMILING and CHANGE!  How simple it is to smile and how it increases the serotonin in the body creating happy and euphoric feelings.  If more people realized this keeps them youthful and ALIVE, wouldn’t they do it!?  You’d think so. 

When I walk down the street I tend to smile at every person I see.  It is not always reciprocated and it’s a shame because I don’t believe every person is fully aware of how they react in response to a kind offering.  Of course, we have no control over these things but, it’s important to recognize what is going on in our illusionary minds.  We should try not to allow ourselves to be consumed by our thoughts which distract us from being present in the moment. 

I like to think when I smile, it makes someone else’s day and this, in turn, increases my happiness, making my day all the more worthwhile.  It’s something I’ve done since I was a small, precocious child.  

What we see around us is really a reflection of all our own personal attributes, feelings, psyche, attitudes, past and present states of being, inner demons, etc.  We are all connected because without each other, we wouldn’t be whole.  ONE = the sum of its parts, US!  Once we recognize this, it becomes clearer we should be concerned for the well-being of all.  Our experience of life wouldn’t be real without others to verify our existence, to witness us being, and participating in it with us! We can’t fix all the pain in the world but that’s why we must focus on healing ourSelf to create an energetic shift around us.  Just leading by example, people will follow naturally. 

Change is in the air and it’s clear, not just because it’s my last day of work but I feel energized and ready to take on the world knowing it’s for my highest good.  Ironically, the exact change is unclear but it feels good and I’m excited!  Something sparked me to remember being on the train one day overhearing the conversation of an older Italian lady and how she declared how her life became more difficult with the recent changes to her healthcare and pension procedures.  It reminded me how important it is for us to have change in our life!  Sure, it’s uncomfortable at first because we get attached to our habits and routines but if we don’t exercise our ability to change we loose our flexibility and adaptability to this life.  Without change, we become habitual zombies glazed over just going through physical motions with no inspiration (in-spirit) or incentive in sight (insight ~ I giggle).  I love a good play on words! 


We all have a Purpose, a higher calling, in this life but not all are in tune with it nor do they allow themselves to be guided by it.  Instead, they follow the path of social conditioning taking on the stories told to them versus creating their own wondering why they’re not fulfilled.  It’s all a choice.  What do we choose and why?

What inspires me?  What is my next step?  Where shall I go?  What shall I do? 

Upon my return from a walk, I found myself entering a church just up the road from the Mergellina train station.  Usually this church was closed whenever I’d walked past but on this day, it was open and I was drawn inside.  I went inside and sat down for a silent meditation.  This particular church seemed to have an abundance of homages to Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother Mary.  Religion aside, though I was raised Catholic, I believe my relationship with Spirit is personal, and I choose not to identify with any religion, this was a sign for me.  I have my reverences and inspirations and on this particular day, I felt this sign was related to having faith in what changes lie ahead. 

In addition to this sign, it was a continuing theme from the previous day as I had corresponded with a friend pointing out how

Change is like Death and You have to honor the mourning transition!



Back at the time I’d written this, I wasn’t certain where I was headed but I’ve since returned home and changes are continuously occurring.  I can’t get upset because I know I wouldn’t be here if I weren’t meant to be here.  I have seen the patterns in my life over the years and how synchronistic events have played out so, I can’t have anything but faith that everything will work out! 

It’s never over until the “Happy Part!”
~ Marianne Williamson

Sometimes people get so caught up in themselves [their routines and ideals] they impose them on everyone around them without communicating or even realizing everyone has their own stuff to be caught up in, as well.  I know this because I’ve been there and done it, myself.  These days, I consciously strive to be more patient and actively listen because there’s more being said than what’s in the words. 

Today, take the time to consider that the world does not revolve like a box with set rules ~ unforeseen things do happen to upset it.  There is a flow and divine order but consider it is constant change just as we are.  Many people may still find themselves attached to their own order in the way they want things to unfold but being aware gives you the power of choice, the choice to change that order.


Remember, nothing should be taken personally when our routines are interrupted.  Don’t get too caught up in the things which didn’t happen according to your plan because it’s when we’re rerouted along our path we need to reflect on how everything is happening as it should, in it’s perfect time, and for our highest good ~ there’s a better plan for you!

See it as a Blessing!


Know there is something more exciting around the corner and toss your fears of the unknown aside for excitement of your special gift arriving!  Smile because change is good!

♥ ♥ ♥

Wishing you Gifts of Love & Light,
Wonderful Surprises,
while Smiling Through Change,


♥ Lana ♥