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The other day I read something so simple, yet profound,
“Death makes Life worth living!” 

So, the question becomes:
“Why don’t we actually see our Life as precious as it IS?”

I look around and see people in states of unconscious living ~ captivated by their technological device to the point they can’t even hold a conversation with another person without its distraction.  Never really taking the time to engage in a conversation with another to fully listen but ready to respond before the other person is finished speaking.  Lives revolve around creating distractions and buying into anything that will distract them from the present moment.  Boasting their own self-importance by making claims there is always something or someone dependent upon them so as to excuse them from anything which may allow them to be responsible for their own free will or choice in a matter because now they have to consult another.  If they’re not in a hurry to be somewhere they don’t know how to calm and relax where they are; the pun ~> they can’t sit still in silence to save their life.  In a hurry to get to a destination where there is no appointment yet looking around to point things causing their delay instead of seeing how they’re actually creating their reality.  This one did this to me or claiming people are against them; yet, never seeing how their reaction and how they handle the situation is what allows it to impact them or penetrate their being into these states of stress, drama, and chaos.  The irony, most fight or flight reactions have nothing to do with fighting or flighting because these are identified as stress by the monkey mind that created them! 

Nobody ever does anything to us even if intentional unless we allow but it’s the fact that we highlight and give it attention which brings it into focus as if it were done to us.  Most everything in life is created through the conscious and unconscious choices we make to react, act, respond, create, distribute, disperse the energies of any situation that comes at us.  We are creators in this life!  We are alive.  We are constantly living while constantly dying but which do we choose to cultivate?  How often do we fall victim to our circumstances while putting us into a depression, feeling as if we’re choosing death? 

Our personal state dictates our living or dying and there is always opportunity to shift and change it.  Why not BE PRESENT in the NOW and Be Grateful for the Breath of Life you Breathe! 


So, why do some choose suffering over living?  Even the most unhappy people can fall prey to staying unhappy because it’s all they’ve ever known or it’s easy to just stay stuck.  It’s all Fear-based ~ the idea of change is much scarier to them than actually being happy.  Change is like death but why not try it out for a change since there’s really nothing to loose!?  Eventually, after making those scary steps a few times it will become second nature and won’t be so scary anymore.  In fact, you may even find it exciting!

How do we get so caught playing the victim of our lives when we have the power to change?  Many of us were not brought up with a strong self-esteem, felt discouraged by the circumstances we feel life forced upon us, we feel we’re helpless or unable to stand up for ourselves, ah but then there’s the comfort in being validated by someone who condones our victim behavior perpetuates it to continue (why change if it’s supported), or just simply Fear, again.  Just owning the fact that we choose if we’re the victim or the victor in any given situation is pivotal to making changes.


Why wait until death is pounding on your door [in the form of disease or near-death] to decide you want to live?  This is the one that makes the least sense.  Our health is a result of our thoughts, our words, our actions, and choices ~ this can be in the form of loving or hurtful energies.  If you harbor resentment, it will curdle in your veins and create dis~ease in the mind which will manifest in the body.  If you have certain addictive and unhealthy eating habits that comfort you in times of stress (which is when cortisol is present – the stress and anxiety hormone), you are feeding another dis~ease to fester into something bigger.  Just as denying yourself one food to choose another less healthy option in the name of diet can have a psychological effect, as well as, set you up for failure because any restriction to the Ego will undeniably come back in retaliation of falling of the wagon.  If you choose to watch sad depressing television instead of exercise (which is a natural antidepressant), your body deteriorates and “if you don’t move it, you loose it.”  Anytime you experience a elevated state of stress, your hormones are thrown out of whack and adrenals go into overdrive.  This is not a time you want to eat but instead, choose a form of movement which will provide an outlet.  Something as simple as walking can elevate your mood, improve muscle tone, flexibility, blood circulation, and burn calories.  Even petting an animal can do this, as it’s been proven to release the feel good hormones – serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin, which is sometimes dubbed “the cuddle hormone,” and it also helps reduce blood pressure and decreases levels of cortisol in the body! 

Food is the most abused anxiety drug.  Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressent.

~ King Kirby, KingKirby.net 

What can you do to Live a more fulfilled and joyous life?  You have absolute, full control to make positive choices in your life at all times!  Kick any old habits of self-defeating thoughts or actions.  Smile often, Laugh more, Cry for Joy or even when you feel you need to cleanse, clean, and wipe away the old, and Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal and fill it with all those things that made you Smile, Laugh, or Cry!  How else can you recognize what makes your Heart sing if you don’t praise what it brings you every now and again [the key is to keep it coming]!?  DO WHAT YOU LOVE!  Could it get any simpler than that?  Whatever it is that allows you to express yourself in the most creative and passionate way is why we’re here. 


Make time to focus, breathe, and meditate because this will not only extend your life but literally slow the aging process.  In addition, it will allow you time to go within and witness the thoughts consuming your mind.  Meditation doesn’t need to be a struggle and there is no goal.  Allow it to guide you, journal what comes up, and allow any thoughts to drift away and over time it will be easier to find stillness more calming.  You may also be surprised over time as you make the time to meditate you will also find it feels like you have more time for other things.

Hug another because we all need and crave human touch; it also releases those uplifting endorphins like serotonin, reduces blood pressure and the heart rate, which makes you more relaxed and content.  And you know, we can ALL use a Hug!  It could turn out you also uplift another and you know the joy in being able to provide joy for another also enforces it in ourselves. 

Where attention goes, energy flows so, ensure you keep your mind clear.  No matter what, focus on the positive because there is plenty out there even in the bombardment of negative media and news.  You can better spend your time and energy away from these things you cannot control, don’t contribute to your own personal life, and only bring you down.


~*~ Life is an echo: what you send out comes back. ~*~

~ Chinese Proverb

Next time you find yourself a little down or catch yourself in negative self~speak, make a choice to turn it around.  Remember, we’re Blessed with this physical body for a limited time so use it wisely! 

Embrace it, Honor it, & Nurture it!
Empower YourSelf! 
Choose Happiness, Choose Life, & Choose to Soar Above!


 ~ Lana