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This is exactly what came through in my Monday meditation:

It’s not about establishing Limits and Boundaries
but removing them, expanding and seeing the
Endless Possibilities!

Expanding WHO We Are ~ Our Deepest Truth Reveals
Our Spirit!

WE ARE THE CREATOR ~ We are always Creating!”

~ Lana A. LaBonte


Too often we’re told we should establish boundaries and limitations but what if that’s what is sabotaging us?  Somehow I seem to recall thinking I need these but on this particular day, I realize maybe that is a myth I’d come to believe because I allowed unacceptable behavior or treatment towards myself, undervaluing my self worth.  Well, maybe the idea of boundaries has been misinterpreted to be limited when it should be limitless. The only way you can open up to endless possibilities is to remove any obstacles and so, a boundary needs to be removed.

Remove those mental obstacles to see past the clouded veil of what you may have been led to believe that is actually your future full of abundant opportunities!  Anything is possible and all you need to do is open yourself to this potential you have inside of you.  All you need to do is unlock the chains from fear to allow Trust to take charge.  Everything begins in our mind but the illusion is how we perceive it to be real.  When you tap into your Heart Space and ask for guidance, a new relationship takes form.  See, the mind wants to think it has control and will give you all sorts of ideas, scenarios, and excuses how, when, why, and such while the Heart will always do what’s for your highest good and True to Spirit.  Some people feel their gut instinct, or intuition, but this is your Heart.  Learn to Love and Trust it!


When a thought hurts, that is the signal that it isn’t true.”
~ Byron Katie


Know that We are the CREATOR and We are always Creating!  Everything we need is inside of us and when we go deep within we find we no longer go without!  Look deep within yourself and reconnect with your Truth ~ your Inner Wisdom, Intuition, Your Soul, Source, Spirit!  This is where you’ll find your deepest confidant!

Can you reset your mindset and see yourself living a life of Endless Possibilities?

I wish you an Unlimited & Abundant Path of Endless Possibilities!

~ ♥ Lana ♥