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Suffering is a “label” we give to the resistance to change, the inability to relinquish control, and go with the FLOW!  

♥  Every Experience is a GIFT and Every Gift is a BLESSING serving you on your path to Serving, BEing, & Sharing your Authentic Self with the World!  ♥

The CHOICE you have to decide is if you will surrender control to BE Your Highest Expression of LOVE, or continue with the suffering!

Being in your own Personal Power is an Expression of Love and Serves as an Example for others to Aspire, to their own Authentic Self!  If you can do it, so can everyone else; because when you give yourself permission to Be Authentically You, you also give permission to those around you!

When you value yourself and are in alignment with your Authentic Self, people will value you & be naturally drawn to you because they, too, want to have that FEELING you exude  ~ inspired by Lisa Nichols.

~ Lana A. LaBonte



As I was driving, I had this reminder flash into my mind.  Suffering is the result of anticipation, expectations, and attachments to an idea unrealized ~ when you have one image of an outcome and it is replaced by anything but what you wanted.  You choose your emotional response and if it’s personal to you.

You know how excited you get when you are anticipating and expecting something to happen?  Well, do you realize it’s a setup for failure?  Don’t get me wrong, this feeling is amazing but what happens when our expectations are not met?  How do we handle them?  Who is ultimately responsible for the disappointment?  Does it make sense to you to take responsibility for your thoughts because what you expected didn’t turn out the way you wanted?

It’s a tough concept for those who haven’t figured this out yet but everything we experience is directly related to how we choose to react, or respond, to our emotions.  Suffering is a choice!  When you realize it’s not personal unless you choose it to be, you have more freedom to embrace your experiences for what they are and not what you want them to be. 

How liberating, right!? 

Don’t you want to feel LOVE?  Love is always present but often denied and ignored by us for us.  Bring it more to the forefront of your conscious and focus on doing loving acts which originate from that place of LOVE in your Heart.  What’s more Loving than to choose the more nurturing and loving emotional response to any given situation!?  When you find yourself caught in a reactive suffering, ask yourself how it serves you.  Ask if it feels good to you.  Consider what makes you feel more alive and focus on that.  Don’t get caught up and sucked into outside dramas that have nothing to do with you.  Distractions will only keep you from living your Authentic Self so, keep aware of when these popup in your life so you can make changes along the way.


♥ Don’t forget to take time to be Grateful in each moment and every day!  It’s when you recognize and acknowledge the little things all around you that more miraculous sparks ignite in your Life!  Here’s to the fireworks setting off in Celebration of YOU!  ♥

Love and Light Blessings,

~ ♥ Lana ♥