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Healing Heart ~ Easter ~ Resurrection

Healing Heart in a City of Heart

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mom always knew!  She would say how history was man-made and point out the breakdown of the words His-Story:  it doesn’t take much to see how it appears biased as one’s story, and as Mom pointed out, specifically a man’s.

What if you questioned the story you’ve always been told?

Easter marks the resurrection of Christ ~ It’s the time of ReBirth…  How can you see the correlations of this period of Rising in Your own Life?  How are WE Reborn?

What can you see that needs to be Released so you can start Anew in Your Life?”

~ Lana A. LaBonte

As my day began, my neighbor and his children were playing music.  There were two songs which stood out:  

This could be my theme song!

“Live Your Life Be Free, You Know You Can Have It ALL!”

“LOVE is a Candle!”


I’ve found over this short time I’ve been back in Bella Napoli how much different I feel being here.  The person I was when I was here 4 years ago seems like a distant dream while the Newer ME resides in a territory of a familiar haze.  There are some differences though, aside from the obvious changes of localities ~ restaurants, bars, and clubs.

People have changed ~ their energy feels heavy!

I recalled this city to be more lively, more vibrant.  In fact, on the Full Moon of 6 April 2012, 2 days ago, this was heavy during my meditation.

I had envisioned a small Bumble Bee, which appeared to transform as a larger bee materialized over it ~ morphed ~ it looked like a “soul-transfer,” its spirit’s reincarnated.

I had decided to radiate out Love from my Heart to my immediate area and pulsating further outward.  I sensed the need for Healing the Heart of Bella Napoli.

This city I had returned to where I see such a difference in the people.  It was once a more animated and lively place where people engaged you.  Now, I see the people walking like zombies, faces of despair, and looking nowhere into an endless vacuum.    Many blindly walking buried in their smart phone technology.  Unhappiness is very evident and I often wonder how much of it is created through the absorption of media and advertising propaganda corresponds to their state of loss and confusion.

Many discus the crisis.  It’s not a conversation I like to become involved in as I feel it was created to depress and repress people.

So, how does this affect me?  I feel we have a Heart Connection” and maybe one reason I am here is for a Hand~In~Hand Healing.”  If I heal a part of me from the time I was here before, maybe I can also help to heal a major part of this beautiful place.

ButterflyNothing is lost, nothing is created … all is transformed.  Nothing is the prey of death.  All is the prey of life.
~Antoine Béchamp

Going back to the fact that we have been trained to believe the his~story taught to us over the years, I realized many of the answers to questions I have had come from within me.  Nothing I can read will tell me my Truth and this is a peace I’ve had to make.

I admit I grew up with many fond memories of Easter and egg-hunts, family gatherings, Easter Egg baskets of gifts and candies, chocolates… I remember every year I would receive a beautiful dress from Grammy with the matching gloves, shoes, purses, & hats.  I so enjoyed dressing up!

What changed was my curiosity as to if the story I’d been told all along was even true.

How can anyone prove it?

I used to believe there was a strict code of scribes who had to write the biblical stories word-for-word but translations change, words even evolve, interpretations are different for each.

What do you say?  How can you believe if it’s all you’ve known to be taught to you?  Much of what we read has been manipulated.

Bottom line is this:  I am not saying the story isn’t true but maybe it’s not My Truth; maybe it doesn’t resonate with me.

I trust in my Higher Source as it has proven to guide me well.  I have learned to know what feels right.  It wasn’t always this way which is why I am grateful for the learning process I have endured.

So, however I may meld my messages together, I feel the story of Christ’s Resurrection serves as a good guidance in our own lives.

We are in a time of ReBirth, ReAwakening, and Resurrection in our own lives.  If stories teach us anything, it’s that his~story repeats itself, or was that his~self?!

Ha ha….I have to laugh writing this because it seems to have a dual meaning!

Ok, Soooo, Here I AM, Open, Ready, and Willing to Be Completely Restructured, Around the Possible, Possibilities of Being ME!”as Parvati sings in her song I Am!
If you don’t already know her music, please click the link above and allow yourself to DANCE Your Heart Out to it!


Irony received in an email confirming a feeling ~ See how the messages flow even in astrological themes:


WEEK OF APRIL 5-10, 2012




Full moon on Friday! This Libra

Full Moon briefly illuminates the

path ahead. We’re moving into Venus

energy, healing old wounds with

love, as we prepare to dive deeper

into…. well, into whatever Pluto

retrograde in Capricorn dredges up

for each of us, starting Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday, we enter Venus’

retrograde shadow. Notice what’s up

these next days–whatever it

is, we’ll be working with these

energetics on many different levels over

the next several months.


So, over the course of my time here, I find the details of my role here to be insignificant.  Everything will be revealed and it will unfold as it is perfectly and Divinely designed to BE!

I am grateful to know each of us has more power within us than we know and one person can uplift and make a change ~ in a small or even strong impacting way.  I believe we’re all on a path of healing and re-awakening; Some of us are here to assist others who might have a tough time with this ReBirth!

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” 
~ Mother Teresa

May your path be illuminated by Healing Love & Light!

Many Blessings to you ALL! 

~*~♥ ♥ ♥ ~*~

~ Lana A LaBonte

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