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Enjoy the Journey

BE Who & Where YOU ARE in This Moment!

Releasing Grief

Yoga is the waking up of the conscious body!
~ Lisa Abernathy, RYT, A Yoga Village

This past weekend gave me so many inspirations.  I had watched this movie Beyond The Secret ~ The Moses CodeI thought I’d seen it already but as I watched it, I know I hadn’t.  It is a must watch for anyone out there looking to understand who and what GOD is and our connection to Source.  The understanding of how To Give is To Receive may also be easier to grasp the way they explain it because many a person forget to Give to themSelf first.  In this time, I see more and more people realizing their lack of personal attention and Self care.  It also brings home the reality of how we’re all mirrors because we are all ONE ~ there is no separateness except the concept we think we know.  You are Me and I am You!  I AM THAT! I AM… as it has been the theme of my posts overall.  It’s synchronicity ~ for me, a sign that I’m on my Path.


We may not like what we see in others because it reminds us on a deeper level the same qualities we don’t like about ourSelf and by doing this, we would have to acknowledge and confront it ~> We need to feel in order to heal!

On Saturday evening I was so uplifted by the music played of Aykanna during our Full Moon Gong Ceremony, I had to download the music to use it to start my day and motivate my Soul.  Music really does influence how we think, feel, & act ~ again, it gets down into our body at a cellular level!

Along with these energizing songs playing on my way to the Yoga studio, I cued into this concept of I AM THAT, I AM!  In the video, they recommended an exercise where you look at everything and state this “I AM THAT…  I AM!  You need to pause to really grasp that it’s another way for you to see how we’re all connected to each other and everything through Source. 

I mean, for me, I had already understood this but to visually see it requires more than the visual proof we’ve been trained to identify with as confirmation.  This isn’t about our human senses seeing, tasting, touching, smelling, or hearing because it requires a deeper Self~Awareness! 

The proof is in the relinquishing of Control,  Allowing, BEing, and Tuning In to What IS!  It’s feeling with our HEART, Our Soul!  Cherishing the Moments and Who & Where We Are in those very Moments!

Grief can be equated to Loss of Control so this process can be the toughest.  Again, this is where Meditation comes in so helpful.  The only way to have a quiet mind or sit in stillness is to sort through all the endless mind~music spinning like a skipping record.  You can’t truly release anything unless you’ve faced it head on!  Don’t let Fear stand in your way either!  You deserve to KNOW your Worth is much Greater than you’ve come to believe.


I was in a Meditation class yesterday when I caught myself anticipating the next song or movement and that’s when I was reminded “I need to Release the Need to Control ~ Anticipation is a form of it!”  Ah, and Release is Attachment, aka an addiction! 

The teacher’s theme was on Releasing Grief which, she had us perform a Kundalini breathing exercise.  With our arms extended forward and hands cupped like we were going to splash water on our face, she had us breath in and exhale bringing them up imaging we were washing water over ourselves ~ a cleansing!  I actually could smell what reminded me of rain falling on the hot Earth, a pretty powerful way to reengage the senses.  At the end, when she read the following another sign stood out and caught my attention:

~*~ Prayer of St Francis of Assisi ~*~

Lord, Make me an Instrument of your Peace,
Where this is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console;
To be understood, as to understand;
To be loved, as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive.
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.  And it is in dying that we are born to the Eternal Life. 


I couldn’t help but zone on in this repeated theme in my life, seen in the movie, and now here, again.  The attention must ensure that we Give to OurSelf, as well.  We can’t go through this life with traumas, denying our pains proper healing and resolution only to play the martyr giving to all those around us.  If we do, there will be a deep seated resentment underlying in our emotions toward to the same people that we continuously give to, whether it feels validated, or not.  If not dealt with, this will eventually strike a boiling point manifesting in a blowup or lashing out at an unsuspecting individual, subtly unbeknownst to us of our expectation of something in return all along. 

I know I’m not alone in having experienced this at some point along the way, as well as, being on the receiving end of the fallout. 

But, it’s of our own doing if we arrive to such a drama.  For this reason, this is the part of us we need to hone in on and unlearn previous conditioning of always giving, giving, giving and never appreciating, accepting, and allowing the flow of Receiving in return.  This was a very long and hard lesson for me to grasp.  In order to receive what we claim to need and/or want, we have to stop denying ourselves. 

For me, I couldn’t even receive a simple and sincere compliment for what it was because I’d learned not to trust ~ myself, or others.  There was something my Father always said that stuck in my subconscious, “Nothing in this world is free.  Nobody does anything without expecting something in return.”

No wonder there’s such distrust, animosity, and unrest in our world.  But, this isn’t our story!  We seem to have adopted this along the way into our own thought process.

I’ll admit, as a child, I really could not grasp this concept but I took it deep within my psyche.  I’ve since unlearned this!  It is not the Truth!  When someone does something for you, you should honor them by accepting.  Don’t insult the compliment and please, don’t get caught up in the untrusting illusion and question if they’re doing it from their heart or expecting something in return.  That’s just another distraction keeping you from focusing on what you, and only you, have control of in your own Life.  It is really none of your business to decide or know if they have ulterior motives!  THAT is part of their path and they will experience their own Universal Lesson at some point.

To be clear, tune inward and trust your heart if it doesn’t feel right because you need to know what is right for you.

If they’re giving and you’re not receiving, you are braking the natural order of Life ~ kind of like slapping GOD in the face! 

This is about Love and Receptivity ~
The Divine Flow just moves elegantly giving and receiving. 


Evidence of this is all around you!  Look at Mother Earth and how she continues to give without expectation or accusing tones  ~ she nurtures life and regenerates it.  Yet still, here we are in a world where she is raped of her fruits with little given in return to thrive and replenish as she once did.  Sure, even in the worst cases, she will evolve to come back but how does that serve us all NOW?  We may never see her in full splendor again if we don’t start to make changes within ourselves and how we approach Life.

The state of this world, physically, mentally, and emotionally is in a state of discourse and chaos because we are
~ She is our Mirror, Our Reflection of Grief!


We grieve because we haven’t healed!  We haven’t healed because we haven’t acknowledged, accepted, and allowed ourselves to trust ~> more distinctly to trust in ourselves enough to know everything is alright and we are perfectly who we are and where we are at this moment in time. 

Think about it, if you can do this, you’d be releasing years of grief to live the life you were meant to live and, through you, others may be inspired to do the same as if you gave them permission by your simple gesture of setting the example for Greatness
~ Freely, Lovingly, Trusting In Every Moment with Gratitude of Just BEing!

If you want to change the way people and situations respond to you, change the way you respond to people and situations!

There were a couple new people in our Meditation Gong Session and they completely opened up and shared personal stories on Grief.  I introduced them to our Lady in the tree, who had only revealed herself to me about a month ago after years of belonging to this community.  I expressed how this is the time for the Nurturing Divine Feminine to return for all of us, Men and Women alike ~ For US to Return to Our Roots ~ To Nurture OurSelf!  Times are changing and only we have the Power within us for Greatness!


By Creating YourSelf, you give permission to those around you to move outside their comfort zones free to try something new through your own inspiration!

It’s up to US to create a New World filled with Love, Peace, and Harmony and the choice lies collectively and individually in each one of us simply by how we think and how we act on those thoughts!

Integrity, Truth, & Authenticity comes from the Heart so let it be your guide. 

Your mind can be tamed by the Heart when you allow the Truth of You to return to YOU!


I wish I knew the artist of this beautiful picture so I can give credit where it is deserved.

So, for all of you out there trying to Release the Grief, listen [and, I suggest, dance your Heart out] to this song by Aykanna.  Let it it fill your BEing so it can enliven and reinforce the sense of WHO YOU ARE:    Beautiful Am I  

May this day open your eyes to the Miraculous Blessings all around you! 

Be Blessed, Be Grateful, & BE
~ Right here, Right now ~
In This Very Moment!
~*~ ~*~

~ Lana A LaBonte