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The Child Within

Recognize ALL That YOU Are!

Past Pains, Shame, Betrayal,

Abandonment…You Are Not!

“Stepping back into your injured or traumatized child-Self is necessary for the healing to occur!  Recognize & Acknowledge it because it’s never too late to nurture that part of you you may have been hiding out of fear.  All physical, mental, & emotional pains manifest themselves in the body and this why we need to Tune back in to Self & FEEL because ~
This is How We HEAL!

~ Lana A. LaBonte

As with everything in my life, there is a synchronicity and Divine Flow to what occurs.  It turns out reposting my previous blog I AM THAT I AM continued with more inspiration in the days following. 

We just had a rare Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse this past Saturday.  This means the Moon was the closest to the Earth ever.  If you understand that our body is made up of 70% to 80% water, you may also be aware of the effects of the Moon on our bodies ~ balance and emotions.  The fact is, the gravitational pull is greater as the Moon gets closer to the Earth and the surface point most visible will experience a stronger pull as it is not evenly distributed to the entire surface.  It doesn’t seem logical that scientists agree the tides are affected by the Moon but then claim the amount of water in our bodies to insignificant to affect us.  I would suggest looking at our body as a bigger entity and not just a small presence occupying such a large surface.  Here is a coincidence –>  The Earth’s surface is composed of 70% to 80% water!  In addition, we have had a significant amount of solar activity which affect our geomagnetic field and disrupt electronics, and us.  Click for some insightful information to aid those who have also been experiencing How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Humans.

I suspect you felt this in some way but if you didn’t, you witnessed some extraordinary events around you.  I know I had a crying cat for the entire Saturday evening.  

For me, I felt this strong sense of “Coming Together” and this has dual meaning as I feel things, ideas, visions are coming together, as well as, people uniting!  It’s like things are speeding up and I feel more in tune with my Self, Purpose, and the next steps for moving forward on it.  Memories are returning and I feel so much clearer with the signs and confirmations of what I sense.


I discussed this with a couple others who had arrived earlier for Power Yoga on Sunday morning.  At the same time, they both expressed injuries and being out of balance the day before.  I happened to remind them by mentioning the Moon and how it is recommended to avoid extreme exercise or heavy eating during the height of the Moon Cycle, also for women on the height of their cycle.  Here is a good explanation of why ~ Should you practice on moon days?

Honor the Body = Water = Moon

For me, I’ve had to learn to humble myself by taking it down a notch because the majority of my life consisted of high-impact aerobics, weights, and running which, have attributed to spinal misalignment.  Fortunately, I do believe we can heal ourselves and I now honor my body by listening to it more and the Ego less. This is what Yoga has taught me
~ Tuning in More to My Inner Wisdom! 

Enjoy the Journey ~ Respect Where You Are Now, In THIS MOMENT!
Honor YourSelf ~ Mind, Body, & Spirit!


Continuing with this, there was a slim woman who arrived with strong muscular definition.  I noticed she had a frenetic energy about her as she began practicing on her mat with fly-backs into plank and doing pushups between down-dog and up-dog.  I recognized this as I know I was once very into my powerful and competitive exercise regimen – and, that’s what this was because Yoga is focused on moving with the breath and practicing the 8 Limbs of Yoga.  When the instructor began, she brought up practicing these 8 Limbs of Yoga to which I pointed specifically out Ahimsa (non-violence to Self & others) hoping this woman would understand when the instructor explained it.  Sadly, not.


I used to be more easily distracted but, because I acknowledged this person’s stuff was not mine, I was able to focus on my own practice than her continuous need to move into other postures out of the sequence.  It was clearly more distracting to others as complaints were made.  In the end, I felt it was one of my stronger classes working on my headstand!

After class, I met this woman who came up to me asking if I was an instructor and what type of Yoga I taught.  I explained how my practice evolved from the need to sweat in Hot Yoga to the need to move my body more fluidly outside of a strict routine leading me to incorporate other styles.  I hadn’t known until she told me she had injuries and maybe should slow down but how she gets bored easily ~ ah, yes, we do when we’re trying to avoid confronting something within ourselves!  This constitutes an addiction as it is a distraction from deeper seated issues.  I know, I’ve been there!  My suggestion to her was to come back later that afternoon for Yin Restorative Yoga because the instructor of the class is phenomenal in her guiding the us through realigning the body gently. 

Needless to say, she did not show up.  I had already planned to go, knowing I needed to work on some tight areas I’ve had ongoing issues with.

It is a shame she did not show up because JoAnn’s class on Surrendering really released a lot for me.  She softly spoke about breathing into any resistance or tension in the muscles while releasing into the postures ~ Surrender.  Her approach is so soothing with continuous reminders like “Relax the jaw and unpark the tongue off the roof of your mouth.”   She explains that Yin Yoga is the Surrender ~ relaxing of the body versus Yang Yoga which is more actively engaged maintaining core strength.

You can read more on it here:  What is Yin/Yang Yoga?

As class began, she had us focus on the color yellow for the Third Chakra; also known as, the Solar Plexus, Manipura Chakra, or Emotional Body.  During class she brought up and discussed ways to heal the Traumas of Shame, Betrayal, & Abandonment.   That these traumas reach down to the cellular level if they’re not healed properly and manifest physically.  I could definitely see this for me.  This brought up memories of how I’d experienced these traumas in my childhood and throughout my life. 

This is where I feel our inner child needs to be nurtured because I don’t believe there’s one person on this planet who hasn’t experienced these traumas.  My prayer for ALL is to find emotional healing ~ Self Love!  There are too many people walking this Earth dissatisfied with themselves and a low self-esteem.

Many of my own personal patterns go back to my childhood and stories I took on from others along with traumatic experiences I allowed to hold me victim only to continue to repeat the same unwanted experiences.  It wasn’t until I finally decided I was ready and it was time to change ~ I KNEW I NEEDED TO CHANGE!  I had always wanted healing but had no idea how to go about it until I desperately sought it out.  

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

~ Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamuni

What does it take for us to clue into the need to change? 

Well, for starters, I knew I was extremely unhappy with my life.  I felt everything was happening to me through the actions of others when it had so much more to do with my own perception and how I viewed things.  My reality was so skewed.  Now I know whatever I look for, I find but back then, but looking back, I only focused on the things I didn’t want.  That was the period of my life when Murphy’s Law ruled and the Law of Attraction was unknown to me.  I had an addiction to bad situations and relationships because that was what I’d been exposed to.  If you don’t know what real love is, you may very well find yourself in an abusive relationship.  If you don’t treat yourself well, others will follow that up with poor treatment.  I misunderstood a LOT about how influenced I’d been over the years.  The Blessing is in how Life will continue to repeat these same scenarios, Lessons, to test you and see if you’ve learned them, yet.  Even when you think you’ve got it down, it will reappear just to assure you know you are certain of this ~ sometimes just so you can witness it and the humor of the Universe. 


Nobody can tell you you need to make changes in your life when you’re so caught up in your head!  Only you can make up this decision and only then ~ everything in its perfect time!  


So, now the key is for you to look within YourSelf and see ALL that you are and to recognize You are not your experiences but those experiences were only a part of your path to better prepare you for your Purpose in this Life.  Acknowledge, Honor, Accept all your feelings and emotions because you deserve it to yourSelf to go through the process of mourning, grieving, and finally, releasing.  Allow your Inner Child to be guided to heal through whatever path you feel resonates with you.  It won’t be the same for everyone and you’ll know.  I will tell you, it’s a continuous journey that’s not always easy but over time, it really does get easier and Life is so much more Alive!

Can you do it?  If you can, you may find yourSelf with a Renewed Childlike Enthusiasm for Life, once again!  Can you believe this will slow down the aging process?  It will!


Many Blessings to YOU & Your Inner Child Reconnecting!
~*~ ~*~

~ Lana A LaBonte