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What is your Moving Mantra?

Everyone has one but rarely even notices it.  It’s the continuous verbage you think to yourself.  The words in your head ~ Conscious or UnConscious.  It could be up-talk or down-talk.

Do you think positively to yourself or do you focus on faults, fears, and worse case scenarios? Are the words your mind uses kind and loving or harsh and critical?

Whatever it may be, try to pay more attention throughout your day to that voice in your head and try to recognize what it is you’re telling yourSelf.  The thoughts may be more than just one but clearly, there will be a theme and tone to this voice.  Once you tune into this voice you can decide if you need a change of thought scenery. 


This is one of the reasons I recommend meditation.  When you make time to sit, be still, and quiet the mind, thoughts arise you cannot deny.  Witnessing these thoughts is a key to the preoccupations you have, what you give so much of your attention to, and focus on.  It’s not a bad thing to have a busy mind while you meditate.  What better way to see if that inner voice reveals your Moving Mantra.

As you move through your day, pay attention to what you’re thinking about and see if a repeated theme of thoughts keeps processing.  I’d love to know if this brings up any Aha’s, revelations or epiphanies, for anyone else.  

If you don’t like what you find, consider coming up with a chant that will bring you more of what you need to nurture your soul. 

While I was writing about this Moving Mantra, I decided to do a search.  Ironically, a woman had written a short article on  What’s Your “Keep Moving” Mantra?  The idea of motivational SELF TALK is not a new concept but why don’t we use it more often?  I believe, as I know for myself, it’s sensory overload from external sources.  The more we are out there in the world, whether watching the television, listening to the radio, or out in public, we’re being fed more stuff to distract our mind from our Self and what we really should be focusing on.  Music is a great example because you don’t even realize how easy it is for the words to train your subconscious.  Meanwhile, we allow these distractions to permeate us, unknowingly.  We let these external forces penetrate us to the point we’re never really even with ourselves because we’re always out there.  All of it influences us in ways like how we see things around us and especially how we compare and judge ourselves against them.  In pretty much all cases, none of it even pertains to us nor does it enter our personal life but we allow it to.


It’s a pretty rough exterior we’re living with and focusing on our interior is much needed.  Our inner world needs us!  Find the uplifting UP-TALK you need to nourish your soul through the words you attach to your thoughts or “sing” and the images you keep in your mind.

I came across this lovely poem:

Keep Moving…Mantra of Life 

I am precious like
Any other human being.
My life is precious
As anyone’s else. 

Keep moving, like a pure stream.
No hurdles could ever stop its flow.
Takes the available path, though unexpected.
Keep flowing, the mantra of the stream. 

~ Ambrosia Ambrosia

Here’s to finding YOU and your Moving Mantra!


Plant those seeds of Love out in the world today by starting with
♥ ♥ ♥ YOU! ♥ ♥ ♥

~ Lana