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Watching “Enchanted” with Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams.
This scene struck me:

     Robert (Dempsey) is explaining to Giselle (Adams) how “Love is complicated…”  He’s been dating his girlfriend for 5 years and Giselle is perplexed that he doesn’t know if he loves because they’re not married already.  She has only known her Prince a couple days and was about to marry him before the witch pushed her into the wishing well.   He asks her how she knows and she says she loves her Prince because she knows his heart.
Giselle:  “How does she know you love her…”
Robert:  “Well, she knows…we just don’t talk about it…”
Giselle:  “What?  You don’t talk about it?  How does she know you love her…” & then she bursts into song.

So, why is it so difficult for us to express our love to others; suppressing what we feel?  Don’t you feel suffocated?  Just thinking about it makes me feel imprisoned!

Why do we resist what we all desire by denying our expression of it?
My personal belief is that the root of any “dis~ease” is literally suppressing our feelings to the point of dis~comfort manifested in the physical body. 


I recall what it felt like, at a young and innocent age, to be in love! How good it felt to express my feelings toward those I cared for but then, the pain of not receiving the same loving sentiments caused scars, memories, and patterns of holding back for fear of the same recurring rejection.  However I was very lovey~dovey, I realize how my expression was too much for those who had rejected me for who I am/was then.  Looking back, I see how this shaped and limited my relationships over the years but now I also see how my I’m returning to my true nature; kind of like a homecoming! 

I see a lot of ironies in my life regarding passions and interests I had as a child resurfacing.  Innocence is underrated!  When we’re young, we KNOW so much more; we KNOW WHAT PURE LOVE IS!  But we go through so much conditioning we’re not allowed to grow into our own knowledge.  We’re told how love is, how it should be earned, worked for, selectively given to only a few, & not squandered – as if there’s a limited supply of Love available to us.  Now doesn’t that sound absurd!?


This is a time to come back to Self, allowing who you are shine to brightly!
Don’t allow anyone to tell you that YOU ARE TOO MUCH of anything, let alone too little.  Chances are, they’re not comfortable enough to be who they are – they feel scared, threatened, & fearful of what others may think of them; ironically, in exactly the same way they react to YOU!   There is a pattern in our behaviors & actions that reveal our inner world.

We’re literally all too concerned and consumed with what others think of us (when it really doesn’t matter and it’s none of our business) to the point we’re not even allowing the Sacred & Divine Flow of WHO WE ARE!  This is the only reason we forget who we are!  We fall into a cycle that’s unnatural because it doesn’t originate from within us, from our Heart.  Instead, we have allowed external sources to dictate the rhythm of our life and dancing to the beat of some unknown drummer.

How do you feel? Are you happy where you are in your life?  What about Love?  How do you communicate and express your Love to the people in your life?  Do you hold back or give it your all?  What have you got to loose with Love?  Do you ever consider the things might regret if you don’t do or say them?


True Compassionate & Unconditional Love is contagious!  Be the example, Shine on, & Pass it on!

The next time you express your true feelings, shine forth your LOVE ♥ toward those who matter most.  There’s nothing more wonderful than the feeling of making another feel Love!  

♥ ♥ ♥ Embrace Love, Share Love, Be Love ~ Always know You Are Loved! ♥ ♥ ♥

~ Lana