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ItsNotSelfishToLoveYourselfThis is too often dismissed as Selfish because we’ve been conditioned to believe we must always think of others first.  You have to Love ♥ yourself first!  How can anyone else love you if you don’t lead by example by showing others how it’s done?  How can you love others if you’re not already versed in Self~Love!? 

True Compassionate & Unconditional Love is contagious!

Just imagine a time when you witnessed a sweet child with their mother and/or father sharing a touching moment that created a warm sensation in your body and bringing a smile to your face.  Why does this radiate with us?  Of course, it brings back those same loving feelings you have had in your past via memories ~ you know how YOU felt and that feeling stayed with you.  Don’t you always want to feel that way?

The other day I read something simply profound, “Death makes Life worth living!”  Although it may be true, I must point to the focus and choice of words.  It almost makes one unconsciously strive toward death or evade it (ironically, this is impossible), instead of simply living and removing this consideration.  The antithesis, “Love makes this Life worth living!” is a much more powerful and positive way to focus our attention, isn’t it!?

So, how can we turn our focus around? 

What are you focusing on?  Is it something that radiates a warm loving feeling?  If it isn’t, try to trace back and center in on what is going through your mind.  Write down your thoughts and how they spiral into different directions.  Trace it back to what feeling you have and why.  You’ll probably find all sorts of emotions bubbling up.  Try not to label them!  Instead, honor them, cry if necessary to cleanse, and allow yourself to feel them before deciding if you’re ready to let go ~ because sometimes we’re not. 

To truly release these feelings, you need to make peace with the situation, people, event, pain, and, most importantly, YourSelf ~ find forgiveness in your heart and send love to all!  You can do this in a meditation or prayer but it may be more effective if you write it as a letter, even if it never reaches anyone, and you may release it symbolically by burning it. 

Keep a small notebook or journal with you at all times and you’ll find tracking and reflecting upon your feelings and thoughts quite effective.  Just start and watch how this simple little exercise can move mountains of fear out of your life! 

Do this for YourSelf!  People will notice the changes and you’ll also see them reacting differently toward you.  Focus on the positive and people will see the positive in You!

Let this day be a day of tuning into Self~LOVE ~ call it Sweet Surrender!

♥ ♥ ♥ Until next time, Find the Gratitude and Always know You Are Loved, ~ BE Blessed! ♥ ♥ ♥

~ Lana