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So I was driving on my way to Yoga when this idea pop into my mind: 

“Each and every one of us is supporting, contributing, and shaping our path and purpose in this life!”  

I envisioned how, if we accept the evolution into the person we are today, through each and every experience we’ve had leading up to this moment, then, yes, without each other, we would not be where we are, who we are, and with this experience to continue to aid us – no matter how you judge those particular experiences. 

See, the route I take to my studio is filled with lights.  Unfortunately, 2 more were added and just stopping at them adds another 10 minutes on an already half hour drive – as long as there isn’t traffic or an accident.  Years ago I realized how obsessed we are with being on time even if we’re early.  Well, one morning I was running a few minutes late because of a few delays.  As I neared my destination, I saw an accident.  At that moment, it struck me how we’re Divinely Guided in this life and that everything truly does happen for a reason, at the perfect time, and not when we want but when it really needs to.  From that moment on, I have focused on allowing my life to flow naturally.

So, just driving down the road, my simple way to describe how we support one another is in how we move in and around, through the flow of traffic.  Do you get upset at others and take their actions as personal attacks at you as if they know your moves on the open road?  Sounds silly when you think about it, doesn’t it!? 

I’ve heard my Dad get upset and I try to remind him to “just let it go!”

To which, he now jokes with a little dance waving his hands like he’s freeing a bird chirping, “Let it go, let it go, just let it go…”  See there’s really nothing about driving that’s personal.  We just tend to make it personal and about us, as if it matters.  Ultimately, it doesn’t matter and we waste so much time and energy by focusing on it.

It’s a divine dance we’re living but hidden within heavy layers of media-driven drama and so-called advanced technology pushing us further from really connecting to what is driving us internally and what truly supports life.  This is what we really need to focus on, this internal power source!

After a beautiful Yogic flow, I had come out of a meditation realizing something so simple and already known as clearer to me now and building upon my earlier insights:

As you focus on something, it becomes illuminated!  This is how energy builds, through focus!  Your focus becomes the Light while everything else around it becomes Dark, a blur out of focus

Just as putting a lens into focus, this is how we find ourselves creating duality in life – by naming, separating, categorizing, labeling, and grouping everything.  Life isn’t so complicated, we just make it this way with the tools and behavior we’ve picked up along our journey.  Now, we just need to take a better look and pay attention to what we focus on!

Whatever or wherever you focus becomes illuminated!
"The Trees Have Eyes!"

This is your reality and how your vision becomes highlighted and ultimately manifests in life.  There truly is no dark or light but lack of focus and energy; also known as attention!  Does something exist if you have never seen it, imagined or given it thought, or had a focus on it?  Certainly!  Look at indigenous people who live without technology, as in “The Gods Must Have Been Crazy,” where they have no idea of anything outside of their environment.

Seeing it from a personal perspective, everything is equal when you don’t put your focus on something – this is ENERGY!  On the impersonal level, all energy flows, equally connected and has no time nor focus.  All is equal, it’s just us who shifts the energy of it through our focusALL just IS!  Everything is on the same level but it’s your focus that changes the Energy, or importance you’ve given it! 

Keeping with focus, allows you to become clear in your own life.

We cannot change another person’s focus or ever know what it may be but we can tune in to our own focus to see how it’s shaped our lives and attitudes.  This is the first step to getting to know how we’ve created our own life!

Make peace with where you feel you’ve wasted your time and energy while identifying how this focus is no longer serving you and release it.  We don’t need to remain prisoners of our own thoughts, actions, or behaviors.  Work on YOU because you’re a Blessing deserving of love who is worth all that and more – make YOU the focus of Integrity, Strength and Character!  Lead by example and others will follow.

"Can you see the Baby for the Trees?"

Life isn’t so difficult!  It’s when you see your focus everything becomes clear ~ Out of Focus Comes Clarity! 

Can You Clearly Now?

Sending you Love & Light Blessings of Clarity!

~ Lana