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So, after writing about my curiosity following yesterday’s long meditation, this evening I happened to come across this blog, OBEs: The Benefits of Astral Travel, and I wanted to share it.  Basically, William Buhlman’s research has led him to conclude what I proposed, that

“one purpose of sleep may be to recharge the body by accessing the etheric plane.”


It’s definitely worth a listen and just be open to the information.  I never say I have all the answers but I am willing to research what sparks my curiosity in order to learn more.  Question everything you think you know and what people tell you!  We all have different experiences and our truth is not going to be the truth of another.  We must be willing to look at everything with fresh eyes, like those of a child first seeing or experiencing.  Be open to receiving new information and perspective.  This is what makes this life so AWE~some!

Absence of Light 

Until next time, BE Blessed!

~ Lana