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Happy Full Moon Friday!

Happy Full Moon Friday!

Today was a very special day as it was not only a Full Moon Friday but because I had an extended 2 hour long meditation.  I can’t express how wonderful it feels to just BE!

What came up as a question was something I am curious if anyone else out there has considered. 

What if sleep is just our “undressing” from the physical body as a way to recharge it while we return to our Highest Self ~ our Spiritual Body, in a higher vibrational energy level?

I’ve recently been reviewing the study of energy and the various levels of vibrations, or frequencies.  They say we hear on different vibrational frequency and then, there is the law of attraction that says if you match your frequency to what you want to attract, it will manifest.

With this,

I ponder even if we don’t recall our dreams, during our sleep are we returning to this other level of consciousness where we reconnect with who we really are?  Are we accessing the grid, The Book of God’s Remembrances, The Book of Life, or what they call the Akashic Records?

So, who out there has similar ideas or thoughts along this line and would like to share?  What do you think about energy frequencies?

Sweet Dreams!

Sweet Dreams!

Until next time, BE Blessed!

~ Lana