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Attachment follows the experience of pleasure~
Aversion follows the experience of pain~
Clinging-to-life is the sentiment which causes its own potency to flow equally even in the wise~
Their operations are to be got rid of by the meditation~

~ Bengali Baba, The Yogasutra of Patanjali, pp 34-35.

Do you find yourself attached to anything?  What do you choose ~ aversion to pain in such that you’re holding out for joy?  Sometimes not making a choice can be based on the fear of an unwanted outcome which only keeps you stuck.   Getting out of our comfort zones is the only way to allow for personal growth.  So, think about what you choose today.  Will it be in or out of your comfort zone?  Will you take a risk to potentially have it all or will you fail to take a risk where you think you may loose it all?  Don’t get stuck on the “what ifs” because this is how you keep yourself from moving forward in growth.

Many Blessings to you & the Courage you take
to make Choices in your Life!